Thai’s Head is Smashed by an 18 Wheeler

Thai's Head is Smashed by an 18-Wheeler

A Thai man had the unfortunate opportunity to find out what it’s like to be run over by a truck when an 18 wheeler that had stopped for repairs suddenly rolled forward, quickly gained momentum, and struck the man in it’s path. The resulting head squash ejected brain and bone matter over the road and the truck also did some damage to one of the buildings.

I swear Thailand is like a Final Destination movie. Death just goes there for kicks, killing the inhabitants in bizarre and violent (sometimes funny) manners.

18-wheel mobile vehicle repair for pedal and exfoliate.

When: Jan. 6, 2015 approximately of 15.14 Radio Center “under the Tek tueng” receive notification of an accident. Large trucks to seize people who died inside the Nakhon SI thammarat municipality payom mother market.

Being a volunteer under Tek tueng in the neighborhood where the incident being a volunteer. Poe made his point with the unit’s vehicles were inspected.

The incident occurred as streets, surrounded by commercial buildings that are intended to prepare the collection of entrepreneurs in the market. 18-wheel trailer truck found Fully loaded cars Loss of chaikha The building was damaged. Approx. 4-5 building.

And since the first building. 1 man killed, body found the bed upside down in front of a broken body exfoliate areas.

Then a radio Center has organized rescue officials. Rescue equipment rescue 4 car unit vehicles. 6 rescue vehicle unit and a number of other volunteer capacity to support. In that incident.

From the inquiry interviewed 18-wheel truck that landed them into cargo entrepreneurs within the market, and in between a car, I have caused the engine failure symptoms. Make the deceased, which is a car rider 18 wheel to try to fix the problem under the vehicle.

All of a sudden, unexpected event occurs. 18 trucks have moved forward quickly. Exfoliate the dead pedal is located under the vehicle, along with a later bump to rub chaikha commercial buildings damaged. People went to halt When you see pictures of terror in front of the eyes.

The picture above is a good model for news as well as the general public does not score any lu. If any errors to zero, news apologize at this opportunity

When you travel to South East Asia, just remember that “exfoliate” means something entirely different than in the West.

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    1. Ha,ha! So true girl. The amount of good head splats coming out of that part of the world is epic. We must have a shit load of Best Gore Fans there, otherwise we would never get half of all the stuff we see coming outta there on a regular basis! Does anybody know if a lot of these pics comes from our members from those islands ? Either way,,, great post Obli. πŸ™‚

      1. Wouldn’t surprise me if at least some of the EMTs visit BG. Most of the Thai gore I submit comes from the Facebook pages of the Thai EMT organizations, they like to post pictures of their work (and their family photos with corpses) to proudly display.

  1. While having a snack I spent a moment or two wondering what it sounded like when the wheel squashed his head. Then I took my spoon, tapped the boiled egg and swiftly picked up the knife and sliced the top off !

    Yeah, something like that I reckon, but slightly louder. πŸ˜›

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