The Caption This Photo Contest #23

Pretty Fucked Up

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all awesome gorelings who participate in Caption This Photo Contests. It’s been shown over and over that we have some incredibly witty members on Best Gore and the latest contest proved it many times over. So many amazing captions there was no way I could narrow it down to just a few.

Several people asked to have a topic dedicated to the Caption contests created so it has been created and all Caption contests will be filed under it for easier look-ups.

You also may have noticed that the Digg button was replaced with the Facebook Like one. Looks like there are many Best Gore readers on Facebook so hopefully this will make it easier for you to “Like” the posts you like.

Now caption this photo if you can.

Best Caption:

You should see the other guy. – xelzaar


Look Ma! No Everything! – BIG JOHNSON

Thomas the Tank was banned from entering mosh pits after this incident. – Catabis

He finally found out it wasn’t butter – Nettykk

Dude, I got TORE UP last Friday!! – JohnnyRatBlood

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  1. Doubtly legal immigrant there was
    Tried his best thorought the Drug Wars
    While smuggling in mouth he had
    Swallowed a bit to hard
    Wonder why they tried to pull it out through the arse?

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