The Caption This Photo Contest #96

The Caption This Photo Contest #96

Many thanks to Best Gore member @dan-a-conda for picking the best captions on our previous Caption This Photo Contest. As the winner, you get to choose the winners (as well as the runners-up, if you can) of this contest @casualobserver. Shoot me a message about your choices in weeks time.

Your turn, guys. Caption this photo if you can.

Best Caption

I’m going to have to be more specific when I order fresh walleye in Brazil@casualobserver


Rubber ducky, you’re the one@honkeykong

Bob over did it with the fertilizer, while trying to become the first human cacti farm@svarg26

How NOT to kill spiders in the bathtub@david

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  1. “Zig zag my flesh is visible, coffin of cardboard on my thickened blood in ketchup consistency will suffice well. Rest of my leg shall shape form and loose skin on my leg for a template is in need no more.”

      1. @zippy
        Yea I Hear You Fred, My Good B G Brother! Because For the last Couple of Weeks,,, Or More Like (Two And a Half Weeks Or So),,, Cathy, & I Figured,,,, I Was Drinking, & Way Smoking Way Too Much Hash, For My Own Good, And Was A Total Mess. And With Also Having Little To NO Sleep In-Between,,, It did not help the Situation Whatsoever!

        I Was Embarrassed A Couple Hours Ago After Reading, (Or Attempted To Read ),,, I Should Say, at the garbage that i wrote while trying like A Dumb-Ass To Be Funny, but Instead I Ended-Up Insulting Some, and Being A Complete Asshole To Others. So Yesterday Morning after Not Sleeping for a Couple of Days Straight, and Continuing To Binge Drink,,, I Started Chugging Another freshly Cracked Bottle Of Rum, and Felt The Need To Down half of it in about an Hour, But This Time I Downed-It Pure, With No Coke.

        And I Was Puking My Guts-out An Hour After That, and then dry heaving for another 2. And Fuck Bud,,, I,m Still a little Dizzy, And Still Have A Bad Headache From It Today. Although It Helped Kill The Physical Pain In My Back,,, Arms,,,& My Chest,,, It Also Numbed The Pain Of Losing My Very Best Friend A Year Ago 2 weeks Ago. My Dog Chester, Who suffered, and died way too young For A Healthy, Pure Bread German Shepherd.

        Sorry For The Long Rant Fred, lol, But I Felt i owed Yourself, And Others An Explanation For The Last Two Weeks Of Myself Going Ape-Shit On Some Of My Fear B G Family. Fuck I Hate Booze, And Remember Know Why I Very Rarely Drink Anymore, unless for A Beer Or Two, Or A Glass Of Wine With My Lovely Wife Cathy With The Odd Dinner.

          1. No Shit brother, cause i drank 4 1/2 bottles in a couple weeks not bad for a guy who seldom ever drinks anymore, eh? Just smelling Rum now,,, i think i,d Spew Chunks.

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