I Think This Could Be the Most Graphic Traffic Accident Ever

I Think This Could Be the Most Graphic Traffic Accident Ever

Best Gore is full of incredibly graphic traffic accidents. They are all gory in their own way, but there’s something special about these photos. If this is not the most graphic traffic accident ever, then it’s really close to it. Definitely a top contender in the least.

The accident happened on the morning of Friday, February 8, 2013 on a stretch of highway BR-104, in a rural area between the cities of Messias and Murici in the state of Alagoas, Brazil. A Honda Civic collided head on with a truck, violently killing all four passengers inside. Military fire brigade had to be called in with specialty tools to recover the bodies from the wreckage.

According to what police learned, the Honda driver tried to recklessly pass a vehicle, entered the oncoming lane when it was not safe to do so and crashed head on into the oncoming truck. The truck driver reportedly could do nothing to avoid the head on as the car swerved into his lane right in front of him. Strangely, the truck driver did not flee the accident scene on foot. Must be first for Brazil.

Absolutely brutal carnage.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Patience is a virtue. Apparently to the driver of this car it doesn’t matter. Now because of his impatient ass, everyone paid the price with their lives. Very fucken sad. Stupid drivers piss me off. At least make sure it’s ok to pass someone when going onto incoming traffic. Geez! This is fucken horrible! 馃檨

      1. Well I wont be buying a Honda any time soon! Seatbelts or not this was so brutal that they would’ve been ripped from them. Imagine how the families felt when when they learned of this horible accident. I am so grateful to be alive R.I.P. to every person featured on this site minus isis and any terrorists.

  1. So…….a compound fracture is the term given to a broken bone that is exposed. Is there a term for the ENTIRE FUCKING RIB CAGE making an appearance to all the folks back home?! Because I’ll tell ya what I said. I said goddamn.

        1. Ug – It’s definitely possible. If the blood of the Amazon Virgins runs out… I would have nothing to replenish myself with. Therefore, I must continue my smuggling operation around the Black Sea. …I need a drink.

          1girl – See response to Ug. In all seriousness, I’ve been around. Here, there, and everywhere. Don’t go thinkin’ that I forgot about y’all.

      1. Fieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend. Hahaha. Fiend! I’m back to bring balance to world of gore… …Not really… I wish I could be so noble, but I’m just back for all of the INSANITY that comes with posting around these parts. Posting with you fine folks is like dieing with The 300. It’s a great honor!

        1girl – I think he’d give me a pass, but I wouldn’t go down easy anyway. 馃槈

  2. When I took my driving lessons here in Brazil, they showed us pictures of gruesome accidents, like this one, and back then I was just 18 and I was really, really impressed and shocked by those photos.

    But now, I just don’t care, all I feel when I see the BestGore posts is a mild interest. BestGore made me tough.

  3. I found the name of the victims on a brazilian news website. Jos? Jer?nimo Guedes de Almeida J?nior, 22 years old ; Marc?lio Jos? Ferreira de Lucena Filho, 25 years old; Felipe Fernando Pinto dos Santos, 27 years old; e Douglas Guardiano Sapucaia, 22 years old.

    Not a single “da Silva”. Can you believe that? It is carnival in Brazil and the dead guys were going to party in a nearby city.

    1. @NOTDASILVA I actually was gonna drop a “silva” joke with this til I saw your post. Nice work NOTDASILVA on the names…and for ruining it! Just kidding. Any particular reason for celebration time in brazil?

        1. @NOTDASILVA-Make sure you get out there with your camera then!!!

          I gotta tell ya, when i first started reading all the comments on here before posting, i was cracking up over your name! I think you have an awesome name, but you need either flip-flops or splattered brain matter as your avatar!

  4. It’s hard to imagine that when automobiles were first invented the people using them would die in accidents going 15mph lol the gore must’ve been weak. Now we all know how fast cars can go now and days and just how bad the gore can get when they crash, but try to imagine how much faster cars will be in the far away future…the gore will truly something special, in fact I don’t even think people are gunna be decapitated or crushed in future “flying automobile” accidents..cars will probaly be so fast people will be liquefied or some crazy shit like that, they might even disappear completely or blow up if we’ve mastered teleporting by then.

    1. @Pale, You’d better believe I’ll be covered head to toe in an inch-thick layer of duct tape whenever I’m flying around in my future space car. I may end up a broken-bone-bonanza but by god, I’ll still be connected in all the right places. Oh, and pillows. Lots of pillows. Taped to strategic places. Not those feathery pieces of shit that offer no support either. I’m talkin NASA-built spaceship worthy remember-every-damn-thing memory foam. And my license plate will say “fresh” and there will be dice in the mirror. If anything, this cab will be rare.

  5. Hope your ok Mark. Hear from you soon.?

    I used to think putting a windshield in front of a Chinaman was like a blindfold but now it might be a Brazilian. Did this happen in the day? Fascinating. Perfect storm.

    Happy Birthday mofos!

  6. I have a vision…Imagine what they were seeing in their last moments viewed thru the windshield. Now go super slow and you can see the sheet metal folding an glass breaking and you’re friend’s in the front seat are being crushed and torn apart, and now it’s tearing your arms and legs off as your face is being crushed. Should have stayed home today homie..

  7. I’ve always known in the back of my dome that i will die in an accident involving a big rig. I’ve dreamt it many times. So, since the next part is a little off topic, and i can’t contact M through email, thanks to incompetent Toshiba, i chose this awesome but gruesome post to ask the question..

    Alright, this is for my seasoned and sexy “Elders” here on BG. Being that I’ve abandoned fb and have taken a great liking to the awesome and beautiful people here, i want to contribute to the cause! I’m no millionaire- I’m just a girl in the world! But, i do post a lot- so i want to give back! I only come in here from my extremely smart phone, so i can’t see the desktop platform. Can anyone tell me where to go to do the contribution? Also, will it say BestGore on the charge? Just wondering because I’m trying to lay low on the radar. Lol. Since I’m having to wait for the moderator to approve my comments, i also want to say Happy Valentines Day to everyone on here! Hope its full of bloody hearts and juicy gore! There’s one particular sexy man that i had my eyes on to be my bloody Valentine this year, but then i remembered my personal motto- FUCK love! <3

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