Thief on Motorcycle Plowed by Car, Foot Semi Severed

Thief on Motorcycle Plowed by Car, Foot Semi Severed

Thief on Motorcycle Plowed by Car, Foot Semi Severed

In Columbia, an up-to-no-good thief robs a Rolex watch from man on the street. Attempt at escape on motorcycle fails when victim gives chase, intercepting him with car – plowing directly into him.

Wrecked and bloody, impact causes bodily injuries to his head and to his right foot. Helmet worn by thief offered little to no protection for his foot and will need amputating.

A well dressed man accompanied by woman show compassion and comfort to the injured. Bystanders off screen want to kill the man and are unsympathetic for him and enjoy watching him suffer.

41 thoughts on “Thief on Motorcycle Plowed by Car, Foot Semi Severed”

    1. His is a shit life.
      Presumably the Rolex (fake or not) was taken away from him whilst he was injured.
      What a day.
      You go out to get a Rolex and enhance your life, but instead come home with a damaged foot.
      I feel too sorry for this loser. Hope they reattached the foot successfully.

  1. Now that’s how you do it!

    If you get robbed and see an advantage to your side, don’t just stay there like an idiot . Got a gun? Shoot the fucker dead. You got a car and the criminal is on a bike? Chase him if you get the chance and run him over. You know Kung-Fu? Give him the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. Ok, not that last one, but you got the picture.

    I remember one very good video where a criminal stole a bike and the victim casually walked away with his hands up. That was done out of his own volition, since he already came up with a plan. When the criminal was starting to ride the bike he just stole, and therefore using both his hands, the victim turned around and shot the fucker dead. The video was posted here at BG.

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