Thorough Obliteration of Human Form by Truck in Cambodia

Thorough Obliteration of Human Form by Truck in Cambodia

On Best Gore, we see the meaning of “obliteration of human form” often, but seldom does it get as thorough as in this case. We also seldom see someone be as casual about a human pancake on a road as the woman picking up shredded flesh in this video.

The accident happened in Cambodia. A man riding a motorcycle was run over and obliterated by a truck. Despite much of his body being unrecognizable, his hands are, and one of them is doing pointers.

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        1. This lady is committing a crime. because she is changing the scene.
          In my country, when two cars touch eachother, they stop in the middle of the avenue and interrupts the transit for hours, even if the damage is barely an almost invisible scratch.

      1. @hannibal nectar, i love those flics, as he Anthony Hopkins, in my opinion, is the creepiest horror actor Ever. I guess McDonalds will have lots of mystery meats for their Cambodia location soon 😉

    1. Im thinkin she thinks if he had all his parts together he might feel better ! All she needed to make it complete was using a plastic toy shovel and bucket like kids play with in the sand! TOOT! TOOT!

    2. Yes; the majority religion in Cambodia is Buddhist and the funeral rites typically require that the body is taken home, washed, clothed and placed in a coffin by the family.

      Traditionally, the body is kept at home for seven or more days before cremation, usually no more than one mile from the home. The modernist interpretation is that the body is kept for three days.

      Dissection and removal of organs is not allowed as this would interfere with the Buddhist belief in re-incarnation.

      Buddhist monks will come to pray at the home each evening.

      Unfortunately, I think that the video shows two bodies; an adult male (dark top, hands, detached leg) and a female child (pink dress, two mostly intact legs). It’s likely that the mother/wife is collecting the body parts, in preparation to taking them home.

      Whilst, undoubtably, gory, this does demonstrate the respect for the deceased in Cambodia. Contrast with the attitude to death in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

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          3. meh, i’m not as inquisitive of people’s “true” identities unless they care to reveal them self, this @Hanabi is fun so i leave it at that

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      1. @LilMiss…there are two people in the pile of flesh an guts.
        There is a young girl wearing the pink pants, you can also see her legs. Then of course we can see what’s left of the man.
        That’s probably mom collecting the pieces..

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  1. I saw this video elsewhere a few days ago and it was said that the pancaked man is the husband of the crying woman scraping him off the road. I’m not so sure I’d be worried about putting my husband back together after watching him get smooshed.

  2. Seeing a lot of road traffic accidents on here lately, with most of the from Brazil. To my point, when I spent time in Brazil, a simple taxi ride was probably one of the most terrifying things you could go through, don’t get me wrong they have traffic lights in Brazil, only problem, no cunt uses them, simple honk of the horn and they are through, scary times, very strange place that Brazil.
    That’s whys it doesn’t surprise me the amount of RTA’s I see on here from Brazil, crazy bastard they are, the women are gorgeous though, so…….

    1. No. Those are a man’s hands. Look at the size compared to the woman’s.

      And yes, hanabi apparently murdered her hamster and possibly more. I think she’s just talk. I also dont think thats she’s the quasi-retarded, barely legal brat that he’s pretending to be.

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        1. @LilMissSunshinexo – a commenting troll is virtually powerless if people ignore them. by speculating their motive or identity, they feed the trolls need or desire for attention. let @Hanabi be provocative, odd or whatever – does it really hurt anyone here unless they slipped and got a hard on over this person and only then started thinking it through?

          1. That’s very true but I’m not a troll I’m not bothering anyone I’m just being my self good night everyone I have to go home

          2. @Antivirus you’re very right sir which is why I am done talking about it now, just replying to those who replied to me 🙂

            @Ate looking forward to your next post doll

        1. I don’t think they are related. If they are, the woman must have been in shock. Seeing your young daughter and husband mashed into hamberger would have elicited more of a response. The vid shows the only the woman picking up the remains. She is not crying – simply resigned to doing the decent – and difficult – thing.

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  4. “It’s a holiday in Cambodia, where people dress in black…” – Dead Kennedys, ‘Holiday in Cambodia’. Awesome song 😀 it looks like the trong van family are having a change for dinner. The family dog is safe for another week

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        1. I agree @LuLu81, I’m a woman too and prefer men as friends.
          It’s not very often I post on here because of having something rude said to me a few years ago by an ex-member making me feel unwelcome.
          I come on here for the Gore not to be talked down to by someone that didn’t know shit about me.

  7. Sad case..a man and a girl for sure. Not too convinced if that woman are related to them. Cambodia is a poor and corrupted government nation. The last time i been there i couldnt even recall i seen any policia on the beat. I guess the lady is just helping out knowing how ‘effective’ their emergency units are.

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