Three College Girls Hit by Drunk Driver in Kerala, India

Three College Girls Hit by Drunk Driver in Kerala, India

Three College Girls Hit by Drunk Driver in Kerala, India

On March 11, 2020, an accident caused by a drunk driver was caught on a CCTV camera in Kerala, India. In the video, the driver, who’s all over the road, hits a group of three college girls.

It has been reported that the driver injured seven people. His rampage started by hitting a family of three on a bike (not shown in the CCTV footage). Later he hit the three college girls seen in the video. All three went airborne over the barrier. Two landed in a water canal and one on a nearby fence. All three survived with injuries to hands and legs. The driver then hit another student on his bike. He too survived (no deaths reported). The car came to a stop after the drunk hit a tree.

Props to Best Gore member @kastrojaxx for the video:

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  1. I don’t suppose walking in the middle of the road helps much, or is that just an example of the new buzz words – victim blaming? But I don’t think you can blame the drunk driver, he is obviously maggoted drunk and unable to steer straight………

    1. Makes me wonder if that was a two-way road, because if it was, then they’re really stupid for walking with their backs to opposing cars.
      Unfortunately steering straight wouldn’t have helped that drunk idiot here.

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  5. If they catch the driver Guaranteed he WILL Be hung, Drawn and Quartered, Fucking Hate drunk drivers with a passion! My Father (Using the word “Father” loosely) Did just that and killed someone instantly.. Glad to say I’ve disowned the piece of shit and the day he drops dead won’t be a day too soon.

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    dumb level 2 = walking on the side wich car came from behind you

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    dat cut at 00:07 tho… look like they suddently spawn out of nowhere XD

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