Three Different Dashcam Videos of the Same Accident

Three Different Dashcam Videos of the Same Accident

This is one great video that offers three different views of the same accident. The accident was reportedly caused by a drunk driver and resulted in an overturned vehicle of an innocent driver.

Dark red Peugeot was driven by an impaired driver who was also speeding and driving incredibly recklessly. His vehicle rear ended a Nissan X-Trail at a high rate of speed, flipped it over and sent it into a ditch.

The Nissan had both front and rear dashcams running so both POV and rear view videos from the overturned car are available, plus there was another vehicle with a dashcam a short distance behind the Nissan which shows well just how reckless the Peugeot driver was.

There is too much blue background text between different video angles, but other than that the three views of the same crash are pretty sick. The text only describes what happened in the video (in Russian). Driver of the Nissan survived.

Props to Best Gore member pnn69 for the video:

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42 thoughts on “Three Different Dashcam Videos of the Same Accident”

  1. I’m gonna beat your ass after I get outta my overturned car jerk-off..
    Mr Peugeot is in need of high speed driving lessons, only he’ll have to recover from the injuries he’s about to receive from the other drivers. We all know how Russian’s love to kick someone’s ass and now they have good reason..!

  2. In the end of the video, the guy says that the car is in awful condition, the roof’s totally destroyed, the airbags did not work for some reason, the front pillar got very deep into the interior, and he does not understand how on earth he survived at all. He says he’d probably fail to get the full hull insurance, but the cost of additional equipment installed in the car in the amount of 60-70 thousand rubles (2,000-2,300 USD) could be reimbursed. I’m not so good at all this insurance stuff, but that’s how it is.

    Then he adds: “This is the payment for life – not too expensive, huh? :smile:”


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