Three Drunk Teens Run Over and Killed by Dump Truck in Cagayan de Oro, Phillipines

Three Drunk Teens Run Over and Killed by Dump Truck in Cagayan de Oro, Phillipines

I like how brain matter landed inside the flip flop ^^

On February 15, 2017, four drunk teens on one motorcycle rode through the night in Barangay Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, when they got involved in an accident. Three out of four died.

The four reportedly tried to overtake a dump truck at high speed, but lost control of the motorcycle, and fell to the ground in front of the truck, who ran over them.

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54 thoughts on “Three Drunk Teens Run Over and Killed by Dump Truck in Cagayan de Oro, Phillipines”

    1. God had nothing to do with this, and if he did, then he did nothing more than give them their just desserts. These fuckers were driving drunk, they could have taken out an “innocent” bystander on their little holiday.

    1. Well, I’m from the Philippines and Kare Kare is pretty much a dish and it has ox tail, grated peanut and some veggies. Dog is a delicacy in some part of the country particularly in Luzon Highlands Only a few here appreciate it.

    2. True, but not most. We filipino’s not that we love but we do eat dogs especially stray ones and even me myself just did ate a dog’s meat. I once remembered my father let our neighbor butcher our own dog and served the cooked the meat in the round table and my brother while eating it, he’s crying not knowing he already ate the meat. Sounds funny but it is so damn true.

        1. His father allowed their neighbor to butcher their family dog, and the little brother only found out after he had swallowed several forkfuls of Sparky.

          If you ask me, that’s how Old Yeller should have ended.

  1. How many Goddamn dump trucks are on the roads in these shit hole countries that keep making headlines on BG? If these assholes aren’t in a dump truck, they’re under a dump truck. Are old ladies driving them to church?

  2. Dang for just one second I thought this was an Islamic truck of peace they keep talking about because of how good it was at interacting with people and spreading the word of Mohammed. I guess I’ll have to wait for the next real Islamic truck of peace, who we gonna bump into today. SyeTen.

  3. Had to read the header a few times….says the teens were drunk-not the driver. Only in the Phils. IMO & after visiting Makati & greater Manila, holy shit! Finest girls who will all talk to you. As an American at least, you are a rock star there. if you ever played in a small town and,, or were the jock at yerrr HS…you know what I’m saying. And this happens daily. #2 sex tourism country behind #1,,, Thailand. The people are super friendly having nothing. Virtually no crime. Nasty food tho. Cars and people operate within inches every day all day. Your much safer on a motorcycle though. No road rage like here. Hell-they even have a HD dealership in Manila but you won’t see one. All 175 Kawasakis. Unless you bring yerrr hog there & pay stiff taxes. Guess I’m getting off topic now. Just remembering back to the finest ass I ever seen, had, and Americans girls fuckin stink! The saying Asian and/or disadvantaged girls smell foul downtown is lie & myth. They use bidets. We don’t here. Think about it….paper to clean your beaver or water & soap. Yeah. I danced all night with chicks there & went back to my condo there and not one ever had any odor. Back in America it’s about 50-50 you may dive into sumthin nasty!!! Love Filipinas. Guys–if you can’t pull ass here trust me & fly to Cebu or Manila or anywhere in the Phils & you will feel like Pitbull after a show. Fat dudes. Ugly fucks. They don’t care. And he’ll no you don’t have to pay for it!! Give em $10 bucks outta kindness & you will help em out. Now I’m getting windy-out.

      1. Hey @illegal, let’s go on an ass-pulling vacation. I went to a local Amish community outside of Wichita and they let me pull taffy. That was ok, but, pulling ass just has to be the shit. Ha.

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