Three Females Standing on Street Corner Slammed by Out of Control Vehicle

Three Females Standing on Street Corner Slammed by Out of Control Vehicle

Three Females Standing on Street Corner Slammed by Out of Control Vehicle

A fatal accident occurred on October 25, 2019 at the intersection of 889 Street and San Martin Avenue in San Francisco Solano, Buenos Aires, Argentina, when a motorist lost control of his car and slammed into three females who were standing on the street corner allegedly waiting for the bus, followed by a slam into a lightpost.

The crash was reportedly caused by a failed attempt by the driver of a Volkswagen Surán to pass a Renault Clio. The vehicle got on the sidewalk and ran into a mother who had waited there with her two daughters.

The fatality, identified as Karina Gómez, was 36 years old and died on site, while her 16-year-old daughter and her 2-year-old sister survived with injuries of varying severity. The teenager reportedly lost one of her limbs.

Props to Best Gore member @alexprimero for the CCTV video:

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    1. From my multiple years of being on BG I noticed people with smaller bodies have a higher chance of survival from impact injuries…

      Especially babies/toddlers because their bodies are more malleable.

      I seen toddlers on BG get hit by cars then get right up and walk away.

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    1. @Bad Jonny
      Well Done B G Bro!
      It was well thought-of, well written, and funny dude,,, it was Funny-Shit! 🙂

      And man did They Ever get Super-Slammed Eh Bro?
      That fucker whether he was passing or not,,, he was flying way too fast for a tight Residential/Downtown Neighborhood. 🙁

      And John,,, we also have to be so happy that The Innocent Pooch Got Da-Fuck Outta Dodge In The Nick of time. 🙂

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            It would’ve been much easier and much quicker to have just said “Yes” to @vileness

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    1. It’s almost as though stereotypes exist for a reason. Another stereotype that applies to this situation, even if all 4 died, they will quickly be replaced by countless other wastes of oxygen due to the high reproductive rate of said nationality.

  2. That’s a hell of a smash, driver must have been on drink or drugs to go at that speed. And thank fuck the dog is ok, I can watch anything, but can’t watch a dog, cat or an animal being harmed. Strange but true.

    1. @T Bar – mate not wanting animals to be hurt is not strange. I think most of us in here feel the same way. Humans = selfish fleshy virusez while animals= innocents without ability to defend themselves………

  3. Well I guess out-of-control VW Surans do not issue pussy passes.

    The driver is an absolute idiot. How do you lose control like that? Piece of shit asshole cost those two girls their mother and a limb 🙁

  4. Seconds before a canine too had walked past the trio. Its , one in a million miracle that left the girls see another day . The bastard on the wheels seemed like some newb and because of him the girls are left motherless now and the injuries they sustained is another big nightmare to deal with . Who knows the severity of their pain .
    God help please.

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