Tire Explosion Complements Footage of Truck Running Over Bicyclist

Tire Explosion Complements Footage of Truck Running Over Bicyclist

I don’t know where the video is from, but it looks India, Pakistan or Bangladesh-ish to me.

The CCTV footage shows a standard, South Asian chaotic intersection traffic. About 40 seconds into the video, a bicyclist is shown being run over by a truck. When the tire goes over the bike, it appears to explode, complementing the shock factor of the video.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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139 thoughts on “Tire Explosion Complements Footage of Truck Running Over Bicyclist”

      1. Yeah, what side of the road are they supposed to be on? What is a lane or traffic stop? Where are my fucking brakes?! Really, I don’t know!
        That truck was sending a tweet about eating his pet dog and ooops, WTF was that? Need to tweet about this!

    1. After watching this video more closely it seems poor bastard is the incorrect term. Seeing how he passed the truck and rode along right in front of it seems like stupid fuck would be more appropriate. So…. The stupid fuck had it coming. At least he went out with a bang.

    1. I thought every single human on two wheels in that video was going to be the victim…..how could this sort of thing not happen on an hourly basis ?? Perhaps big rubber windscreen wipers installed across the intersection would at least save the first responders heaps of time clearing bodies and debris off the road during the course of a normal day…….

        1. Yeah, but the audience just kept yelling (sit down!). I have never tried it, even though my friends and family have suggested it. Public speaking freaks me out a bit. Maybe one day, when I get the nerve. You would probably be good at it. You definitely spit some witty shit on here.

          1. Haha! Hey, thanks man, appreciate that! I could say the exact same thing as you, that’s funny, we’re pretty similar. I found messing with complete strangers in a friendly way when you’re out in public helps with anxiety n’ sheeit. Got the idea from this dude TheKleb on the tubes. I do that shit all the time now, it’s fun as hell. ( A couple shots of whiskey or a giant energy drink don’t hurt none either 😉 ).

  1. Chaotic snarls , No sense of direction, no lane markers WTF pedestrians , cyclists , scooterists , bikers & truckers everyone seems to be wanting to reach their final destination.
    First for a few seconds the trucker was right up bicyclist’s arse tailing and then he picks up a little tempo scaring the latter to death & the cyclist thought its about time the lane is changed .He sidetracks veers and explodes like a talcum powder bomb.
    After the cloud will settle there will be a flat out splat .

    1. Yeah, like, REALLY, eh…. all these little ants zipping around left, right and center…. stragglers walking around…. then suddenly a great big truck comes floating through the crowd…. like, WTF….

      Now hopefully they’ll get the 4-way stop lights up at that busy intersection with the painted bike lanes they always wamted….. only 99 more signatures needed….

      1. Haha yeah that’s what is needed .What fucking mayhem is that ?? its hard to tell who’s headed where to??……. cause the lane changing is their second nature .Give a damn , violate traffic rules as
        they please with no cops around … its stupidly bizarre . The trucker thought he was driving a tractor in a field wanting ploughing everything he could see. Every hour is a maddening rush hour and one never knows whether he/she will return in one piece by the end of the day.

  2. Or perhaps the driver was a midget who couldn’t see over and beyond a certain distance . That cyclist he thought was a big pebble wobbling on the road & his trepidation that had better be mown down .

  3. Sir… Sahh… Yoooo.. . Raan mee ovahh Sahh.!!!
    Howw dairhh yoooo saahh..!!
    Yoo make mee go boom sahh… Howw dairhh yoo sahh..!!!
    Yooo give meee ruuppees now saahhh.!!!. But, But, Ding, Ding.!
    Why is it these choco/mocha muthafuckas always call you SIR… Even when they’re trying to rob you.?
    I mean.. Come on.. This is obviously a one of Gupta’s latest highway robberies gone wrong… Sahh.!! (I had one of these Monkey knock off bastards trying to stiff me out of my change a few days ago… I’d given him a £20 note to pay for 6 cans of lager… The fucker tried to give me change for a tenner.!!.. It wasn’t until other customers showed up that it gave in & owned up to its scam’foolery.. Fucker)
    So I hope Gupta up there in the video is one (of many) of that cunts family members… Sahh.!!
    BTW.. I’m not racist.. Not in the slightest.. I want to make that clear.!!
    Everythings fine… As long as anybody who doesn’t look, talk or act like me stays the fuck away from me & the rest of us “normal” people there won’t be any problems.! Sahh.!

  4. proper fucking idiots

    they dilly dally around the place like their god is looking after them and their spirit guides them in and out of traffic, then this happens time and time again, and they never fucking learn.

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