Tire Comes Loose from Truck, Slams Into Oncoming Car

Tire Comes Loose from Truck, Slams Into Oncoming Car

Remember this dashcam video in which a brick killed the passenger in the car? The video in this post is similar, only this time it was a tire which came out of nowhere and slammed into the car with the dashcam so quickly, the driver had no chance to react. The tire appears to have come loose from the truck. Luckily for the slammed in car, everybody seems to have survived.

Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the video:

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    1. @jesus
      as soon as I convince my old lady that you guys shuold come over for dinner, you all dissaper.anyhow, some freak did real wrong to a lttle girl around here and dsmembered her. We are pssed.
      @tulio try sam adams or breckenridge beer
      @dude in ft collins. Cheers all of ya!!

  1. My husband and I actually survived a tire coming off a truck on a freeway in Los Angeles, California. We were bringing out kids home from the zoo and out of nowhere came this huge tire. We are lucky to be alive, it missed the windshield it hit us so hard that it bounced off our hood over to the roof of the car and behind us. The sucky thing is on our trip down to LA we had hit a huge deer which again we were lucky we weren’t killed. Did a whole lot of damage that’s for sure but if my hubby had swerved to avoid the dear we would have broadsided a semi…so we have had some very close calls come to think about it,

      1. Haha fucking Broke, I can always count on your comments…@ MrsBroke I get that feeling to that one day I’ll die in a motorcycle accident but that still isn’t enough to keep me from riding, I have been told that I am a very aggressive rider but when your so use to doing 80mph with a motorcycle 1ft in front of you and another one 2ft to the side of you then there isn’t much room for error and you become accustomed to riding that way. I do worry more about the vehicles around me than I do about myself, I know what I’m capable of but you can never be to sure about the cagers around you but for the most part they keep their distance.

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