Toddler Loses Leg at Knee After Falling from Motorcycle

Toddler Loses Leg at Knee After Falling from Motorcycle

In Indonesia, parents on their way to a rice field took their toddler along, and while riding on a rickshaw moto-taxi, the child somehow slipped their grasp and its leg fell somewhere between the wheel and the machine’s frame.

The result of the mishaps was an at the knee amputation of the toddler’s leg. Looks like nobody tried to reattach the severed limb.

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          1. Svarg, at this point, I think we should look at this as a learning experience. Now,”foreigners” know where he was going with it. I think that’s awesome! I’m just messing around. Don’t take things so serious. Have fun with it. Maybe Sphinx can be the Seinfeld to your Newman, and the two of you can engage in some witty banter that will entertain us all.

  1. I do not understand how it’s normal for these countries to get away with putting such a young child on the back of something like this.
    My other half has been driving motorcycles for over a decade and is a solid 6’2 275 and even he alone will not drive in certain areas around Central Florida because of the risk with other drivers and yet these morons shove a helpless child who probably weighs a mere 20lbs on the back of an uncovered vehicle. I’d put a bet on it that they walked away unscathed while the helpless one ended up with this.

  2. I just think it’s a damn pity they didn’t try to reattach the leg. Looking at the pic, the leg was cleanly cut off, it wasn’t mangled beyond repair. The first thing anyone in their right mind would do is pack the leg in ice and rush the it and the child to A&E, or if no ice, just a bag or something. My guess is that they were all just stunned and useless, and the poor kid has to pay for their mistake.

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