Toddler Run Over by Train In Front of Mother

Toddler Run Over by Train In Front of Mother

While some parenting fails make you look stupid, others end up in tragedies. This is the case of the latter.

A mother with her toddler were at a train station in India but instead of paying due attention to what her child was doing, she let the baby wander. Somehow, despite the drop, the kid made it down to the tracks and crawled around. Of course, that’s just when a train showed up. If the baby stayed still or crawled the other way, this would have been just a tense situation with no bad outcome. Unfortunately, the baby crawled over the track… And it all happened right in front of its mother.

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      1. i actually had to look away and i got a pit in my stomach…after all the blood gurgling beheadings and cold callused murders and all the atrocities made by the cartels…this one got me… me good

        1. Yep, just the title is enough to mess with my head, there’s no way I’m going there. I’ll watch car wrecks and suicides all day long without a flicker of emotion but stuff like this does irreversible damage to your soul. Don’t do it, peeps.

          1. Yes PLEASE!!!…if we make people take driving testa just to drive a vehicle or take a test to use a bike or gun….LIFE changing activities!!!..include children for fucksakes!!!!.i mean…fucking a man!!..any bitch can spread her legs and offer up their twat…it takes a REAL woman to raise her children decent in this fucked up world..females nowadays spread em for rings and stamps and welfare….children are out future why the FUCK do retards keep spreading their uneducated…non behave sussy fvs around..let me stop ranting here….yes rsking we need birthing licenses!! =/

          2. I concur. I could carry on about it too, Lady but you beat me! πŸ˜‰ Using kids as a pawn for welfare should be a crime. They should have to show records and reciepts for every penny of that shit.

          3. I think the only, more or less, upsetting deaths, are those full of crying and babbling. The kid was basically just squashed like a litle bug, bet he didn’t felt…much…

        2. What the fuck is it with you people?!?! It’s not like they’re going to run out of kids in India. If somebody tells you you’re one in a million in India or China, that’s not a great complement as there are 1,000 others just like you, given the population. πŸ˜‰

          1. There was only just enough time to film it for idiots like us to enjoy ourselves sounding evil and smart-mouthed, maybe?
            The real reason is that adults are too big to slip down between a trai and the platform’s edge.

          2. There was only just enough time to film it for idiots like us to enjoy ourselves sounding evil and smart-mouthed, maybe?
            The real reason is that adults are too big to slip down between a train and the platform’s edge.

      1. I don’t have kids but if I did and that was my child, I wouldn’t have thought even a mere second over risking myself to get them.
        Although I’m not an irresponsible selfish fuck like this poor excuse for a mother.

      1. That’s pretty cold-hearted. But true, I guess. Earth is over-populated and sometimes it’s a good thing certain genes are removed from the gene pool. Wish it would’ve been the mother, though. She’s a real fuck-up and it’s unlikely she will change the world for the better. You might like this site, HomoErectus:

    1. Omg! That was a tough one to watch. Gonna be in my head for a long time now!
      Yet again I have to run this question through my head…How the fuck could someone stand there, camera in hand, and film that, and make no attempt at helping? Smh

      1. i think this kind of thing is a regular occurence in India. not a country with a natural affinity with trains! dont think they can grasp the physics, and as such tend to find themselves crushed under or smeared on said loco’s?

        1. Yeah, I have a toddler so it’s especially hard to watch.
          But again, BG is a site some people should HAVE to see before becoming parents (like Red Asphalt for teen drivers)

          I know this – my kid ain’t going ANYWHERE near that close to a train, etc…
          Life is to unpredictable and definitely brutal.

          1. There is no way I am going to watch that video..I should not have ever read the story either. Now my heart and stomach feels twisted all in knots πŸ™

        1. Agreed… This is literally the only thing that has even affected me in the slightest. I’ve been here for a little over 6 months non member… But damn,.. That poor mother…

    2. I hope your comments make you feel holy or justified or superior beings – perhaps you like to say mean shit because you feel you are better than these unfortunate folk – it’s okai with me… Let’s hope us as parents never make a mistake like this.

    3. I can watch this, the ones is hard for me to watch is those beheading videos.
      Even in war,or drug wars those mexicans and syrians are still brothers and sisters , one shot to the head is all it takes there is no need to be complete savages about it

    4. I have a daughter and this made my stomach n chest hurt badly. :*( I would kill myself if she was to die, Shes my whole world n reason for living. Witout her I would have nothing. Vids like this piss me off so fucking bad. Cuz stuff like this shouldnt have happened but dumb fucks have babies when they cant even be trusted with a goldfish. I think all parents that r like this should just be killed

          1. Toddlers are innocent,,,,,,,a child is guilty of only wanting safety security and food an protection from its parent,its not unreasonable or too much to ask for

  1. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending upon whether you like children or not, I see this kind of thing all the time, parents letting their young children wander all over the place whilst they chat among their friends without a care in the world.

    In all honesty 90% of the time it is the mothers who are guilty of this one, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve saved a child from falling from a shopping cart or getting hit by a car on a busy road and on most occasions the mothers just tell me to mind my own business.

    Why do they have children when they can’t even be bothered to look after them, worthless turds.

    1. usually too busy talking or txt-ing inane shite
      on their fake-stone encrusted mobile phones to worry what their (of course,curious) toddlers are up to.

      i totally agree with you, emptysoul.
      and its a fucking sad state of affairs

    2. I work at a pool at a 4 star hotel beach side resort and every mother there always has there face stuck in a phone or a tablet, and the fathers are usually at the bar…but the fathers do interact with the children more because they will jump in the pool with the kids and play with them while mom is getting a “tan”.. Most of my days are dealing with rich fucks and being a babysitter.

      1. That’s a bit harsh eh? We have no idea what happened before the filming started. The toddler may have been ripped out of it’s mothers arms by a kidnapper who tripped on the platform trying to make a get away, and the toddler went flying through the air only to land on the tracks. The mother only having one leg and one arm, from a previous motorbike accident was unable to climb down the platform to save the little cutie.?? We just don’t know.

  2. Holy shit I can’t believe that poor child I couldn’t live with that in my head if that happen fo me that’s why I’m glad I opted to stop my blood line with me. But brutal luckily it was quick and the child knew nothing about life and death and really didn’t see or feel it coming poor wee one

  3. What a terrible accident!!…I hate babies now..but I’d never wish a mother watch her child’s soul leave it’s meatpuppet as well….it’s so hard to watch your dreams dissipate right in front of you……then AGAIN these people are just from India and there’s probably 13 or more of those lil fuckers screaming at home for this terrible mother..sigh….why can idiots keep there kids, and then watch them die?… =/

  4. you cannot deny that that is not a great representation of the sheer dark brutality of this fuckng world. THAT’s what this site is about.
    you want to be a pussy and be selective of your reality, fine, but do not come at me.

      1. obi , this is the brutality that we all need , these kinds of videos help open our eyes to how tragic and precious life really is ! mothers like this should suffer a worse fate ( or fathers ) than the child did + this could be used to teach parents and children to pay attention to all life and everything around themselves at all times , I have used several videos off here to teach my child some important lessions !

        1. I second that daughter had seen some squashed kids here and other sites to teach her to look both fucking ways….some people..I included need to see or go through it to understand or learn from it…my kid is my mini me…and still alive..must be doing something fucking right…lolz..

    1. It’s probably because I don’t have kids of my own, and it could be that I am desensitized to this stuff because I’ve been viewing it for so long, but I really don’t feel any different seeing a baby getting killed than I do any other human being. I’m not saying that to sound like I’m some gore fiend hard ass, either. It’s the truth. To me, this is just another death that happened. Age means shit when it comes to this world and who gets to live and who gets to die.

      1. Yep . I guarantee if you did have kids this would be more difficult to watch . We all know it’s reality … it happened but some won’t mind it , others , for various reasons , their own reasons , will just give it a miss . No big freekin deal .

      1. i can’t speak for idia but americans are idiots with kids. Half the time the grandparents are the ones raising the kids because the stupid bitch still wants to have the life she had before she got pregnant. They want to fuck and get fucked up and their kid is second. all they do is scream at the things anyway, they’re so stressed out all the time because they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing.
        i agree with what you said before; there should definitely be some mental tests required before being allowed to have children. i mean, a doctor doesn’t have to talk to a woman or man for more than a minute before figuring out that they’re a complete fucking idiot with neither the financial backing or education necessary to be put in charge of another life. we should be sterilized at birth and then if you make the grade it will be undone and you can reproduce.

        1. I understand obli…I was one of those grandchildren being raised by her grandparents…I’m a single mother child is my life..I don’t see how ANY woman could let this happen…or let alone anything bad happen to their children…I’ve be raising my child by myself for almost 10 yrs now and she’s NOTHING like these spawns of Satan’s that run around here raising Hell…meh I was raised right I guess….fuck people.fuck this..fuck everything man……=/

        2. @ obli- I was just telling that to someone the other day- that I thought that everyone should be sterilized at birth and have to meet certain requirements ( financial, housing, mental stability, IQ , health screening, and so on) before they are allowed to have a child. People like my cousin have 2 kids before they are 20 ( okay 1 is an accident, but 2 is inexcusable!) and don’t have the financial means without taking all they can get from the government to raise these kids- and one of them has mental and physical issues due to being born very premature ( right at the age of viability). And Her mother still has two kids living with her (out of 4 total) and has always and still uses the government for every penny she can including taking advantage of disability over and over… Pisses me off so much…

        3. White peoples numbers in the world. All white women should have as many children as possible at this time. Even the fucked up ones could be of use. The other races are going to overtake us just by shear numbers. Sterilizing any white women would be an extremely bad idea at the moment. We are locked in a race war. The kikes are already shrinking our numbers through abortion, birth control, feminism.

          1. Err…. most of the white women in my area love the black cock. I say the sterilization route is the way to go. I hear what you’re saying, but you forgot about the most important tool of the Jews…. brainwashing white women to support multiculturalism. The majority of the world is headed irreversibly toward de-evolution. Our race needs to stay alive, but don’t bother trying to compete reproduction wise. Once the big wave crashes, we will come out on top. The biggest problem is getting the Jews out of the media.

      1. Very Harsh, Too much BG for you methinks!
        I would say the obvious reason is a shared empathy. I’ve definitely never watched a BG vid and not read through the comments that go with it.
        It helps to confirm e.g. others are as upset as you about a child death video. I do watch a lot of BG vids but I didn’t and won’t in future watch this one. Good to know I’m not alone.
        I’m a Father to two, I predict majority of the non-watchers are probably parents ?

      2. Everyone likes to express their boundaries Obli, part of being a “community” where other members get to know each other and discuss opinions.

        Just as we know that you have very few boundaries, from your comments. Just as you are free to state here that you ” don’t give a fuck” about something, everyone else is also free to state that they DO give a fuck about something.

        Freedom of expression/thought/speech?

        Your comments are tolerated, why not others?

        1. I remember watching my first beheading and thinking maybe I shouldn’t of watched it…now it’s nothing to watch them…it’s every parents worst nightmare that their child would die before them….I understand why some here don’t want to see the child getting ran over by a train…..we all have our own limits….

      3. @ obli, iam a mother . i am not ashmed to say that i cant handle to watch these kind of videos. once i have watched the video of the chinese toddler named yue yue and its still hunting me. i love children, all children. i wish them to grow up happy and safe. i dont want to see them dying, nor do i dare to watch any videos of that. i dont care about their race, religion or colour. i know that the reality looks different but, hey that just me daydreaming about a better world for our children/ our future. iam not pretending to be a stonecold keyboard warrior hidden in the depth of the world wide web. iam still alive, iam still able to feel pain .

        1. Well, you certainly have a noble cause, i’ll respect that. But my goal is to be emotionless and painless. I knew it was possible when I left my body. I wasn’t assailed with the feelings and thoughts that plague me…it was wonderful. To be free.

          1. obli – i come here to be stimulated emotionally (one way or the other). thats the point for me. emotions are a great thing (maybe the greatest of things) – by striving to become emotionless, dont you feel you’re missing out?

  5. Damn this is brutal to watch, but come on guys, you cannot watch your kids 100% of the time, if you truly believe that’s how parents should be then you have obviously no kids of your own.

    It’s easy to blame the mother, but in all honesty no matter how careful you are, SHIT HAPPENS.

      1. All it takes is looking away for one second.
        While everyone assumes the worst about this mother, there is no telling how that toddler made its way down on the tracks.
        And just saying you should watch your kids 100% of the time is ignorant, that’s not how life works.

        All I know is this, this mother has a ruined life and everyone here just blames her for her bad parent skills while we don’t know shit about the circumstances.

        1. Lolz..I’m sorry but are you a single mother as well?? daughter is my life…and is under my constant watch..except in school…if you’re a parent I’m guessing dad or you’re not doing it alone…because when you’re flying this solo your kid becomes your EVERYTHING.. πŸ˜‰

          1. I’m a dad and its impossible to watch my kids all the time.
            I am very watchful but its happened a few times that I got distracted for just a moment, which resulted in my kids running off or doing some crazy stuff on their own, luckily nothing bad happened but I can’t help but feel sorry for the mother of this kid in the video.
            I truly don’t understand where all the prejudice from the other posters is coming from unless they have no kids of their own.
            Kids are by nature very curious about life and want to go explore all the time.

            Anyway these are my first posts on this website, I just had to leave my opinion.

          2. Well welcome hun…please post more amongst us!!…it’s very hard to keep an eye on them all the me I know!!…thank goodness I only have one too watch out for because bloody hell it’s hard as FUCK to do!!!..but so worth it…once again..welcome!!

          3. Tragedy and death can strike at any moment, but when a 50 ton train is gonna be heading down the tracks you dial the gore threat level up when you’re caring for a toddler. Not every accident that befell a distracted parent was the parents fault, but this one was. What could you possibly be so preoccupied with on a train platform to not mind your kid? Texting, yapping, I’m pretty sure it was one of those two things that did that infant in.

        2. single father here , raising my 2nd child on my own , yes I have already raised one and now doing another . yes it is the mothers fault ! that is a toddler not a teenager their at a train station not in the middle of a field , you HOLD that child bye the hand or in your arms , in the middle of a field you let them down to play and roam , you don’t have to keep an eye on them if you have a hand on them ! sorry the bitch fucked up bad !

          1. Preach it rung!!!!…what a waste of oxygen….woman’s main function in life is to reproduce…motherly instincts kick in immediately..even to those woman who don’t have kids…even gays still have that natural instinct in them……what the FUCK was this stupid twat doing that she missed her kid get on the tracks!?!?!

  6. Bad parenting at it’s finest. God just made her life way easier and quicker. She doesn’t have to deal with those ratchet parents.

    You know what they say about how god works…
    He works in mysterious ways…

  7. Well, it’s sad and especially because the baby was fine even with being like an inch from it speeding by her face until she just inched her way forward! You’d think the vibration would’ve deterred her, but nope! To have to watch that helpless must be the worst thing in the world too! Geez! Watch your kids folks! It’s easy to lose track and it only takes a second before a fatal accident can happen! I would’ve thought that a mother would be holding her baby in a place like that but I’ve heard of a 1 year old being raped on the floor of an aisle while shoppers were present in a matter of seconds! It’s a crazy mother-fucking world out there!!! =X

    1. Right?…I don’t know about you juice but had that been my daughter I would have died trying to save her…actually that would NEVER be my child and I because who the fuck leaves a baby in fucking pampers on a train platform by themselves….sigh..not I…what a waste of oxygen…. =/

      1. Ya I was wondering what the fuck the mother in video thought. That a little kid at the crawling stage would just stay put if she set her down and told her to stay? They’re like little pull-back toy cars. Set them down and they’re off.

      1. Accidents happen. No mother (or father) is absolutely perfect! I had my first baby roll off the bed once. Her first roll and I was RIGHT there! I don’t quite understand how the hell this mom let get baby (in diapers, mind you) crawl around by a freaking train platform but that is some stupid shit! There was another time one of my kids thought it would be fun to run from me in a parking lot of cars and I had to think fast as fuck and ruin the opposite way to be the one that ended up in front of the moving cars! Shit does happen, but I really like to try and make sure I’m mostly in control of situations before they’re actual situations! And for the record, I wouldn’t allow my 6 year old to go anywhere near a train track at 6! Kids don’t fully understand danger and how to avoid accidents. If they did, there wouldn’t be a need for parents/caregivers..

  8. Very unfortunate. He was just in the wrong place in the wrong moment. A half meter away from the rail or a half minute before the train came would be enough to save him. This video is the actual capture of it, not the the aftermath. Despite being sad, a good add to BG.

  9. Im a strong wil grown man and Im a big fan of Best Gore and also a father of a 9 month daugther. BUT this video got me ill and sick… Maybe you guys should consider removing this video. Just my opinion. Sad sad video. Sorry.

    1. do people not understand the term “reality news website”. do people not understand the potential implications of a website titled “Best Gore”?

      so what about the two dozen pluschildren killed in the Homs massacre and laid out in those rooms? What about the mother and daughter shot down inside that car, still twitching? what about the Syrian girl with her brains emptied out of her head? what about the syrian boy with the whole top of his head destroyed and still trying to Akbar? should those videos be removed as well?

      Best Gore will not be censored. but there is a puppy on the front page that may be able to help you. πŸ˜€

    2. @dinard2010

      In this video, we saw a child that never got a chance to make anything of her life die while her mother helplessly watched. It was a terrible tragedy, nobody is denying that – it’s one dead child too many – but we need to look at the bigger picture.

      It’s pretty obvious from comments here that there are many parents among the readers of Best Gore. Having just watched a child die what appeared to be a completely preventable death struck them more than non parents because they could relate.

      And this is exactly the point – as the video proves, nobody is immune to the realities of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child who’s never even started to live a conscious life – real life doesn’t care. It just goes its course and that’s that.

      As such, parents who’ve seen this video will likely think of it again when they catch themselves in a moment of child neglect. Mother of this poor child probably never went on Best Gore so she had nothing that would stay in her mind forever as a memento of what a second of neglect can lead to. Whereas after watching this video, parents may reflect back on it and take steps that could prevent a similar tragedy happening to their restless child.

      Can you think of a better means to motivate parents to ensure their child’s safety around deadly machines?

  10. Most of what I was thinking during this video was touched upon already. I don’t have kids but it is sad to see someone die for someone elses negligence. The excuse that you can’t watch your children all the time doesn’t fly for me. There is a time and a place for everything, and being in public, especially around moving vehicles, is not the place to be lax on supervision.
    You want to let them run wild at home fine, but don’t expect your 3 year old to toddle after you in the busy parking lot while you chit chat and turn around to yell at them to hurry up. I am trying to figure out how far down and over she was. At the angle of the video it didn’t seem like a huge drop off like most platforms but the distance between the wheels and the edge of the cars is quite a ways inward so all they could do is watch instead of grab her. (Without getting their heads crushed as well in the No Clearance Area)
    The most valuable information this video shows is how important it is to watch your kids in a potentially dangerous place. Key word watch, not ocassionally glance up from whatever you’re doing when you think of it. Sad.

  11. This is my first post on BG, though I’m following the site for almost 2 years now .. I like the videos, the political views and of course the comments πŸ˜‰

    I’ve never posted something in the comment section because usually most of the important things can be read already and it’s far more interesting sometimes to read other opinions than posting your own one (because many comments sum up my opinion pretty well, no matter the topic) .. Anyway, since I’m doing my first comment now, I want to focus on something I just found out: is no longer censored on facebook – I don’t know about other countries, but in Germany BestGore was banned for years on facebook .. Can anyone confirm this and tell about the current legal situation in other countries, especially in Europe?

    Video is horrible, too bad this has to be my first BG video on facebook ever, definitely 18+ warning ..

    1. If you enjoy reading the comments, you’ll definitely enjoy participating in them. I did the same as you, I just watched vids and read the comments for a while, but I was here for the material. Now i’d say I get more out of chatting with the people here about the posts and any mad shit that comes up. So anyway, welcome @tristanar. And nice tits.

  12. Bestgore is a very interesting website to visit in the sense that human nature is easily observable here.

    Dead adults can be watched and even reasoned and objectified but dead children tend to elicit the emotional, protection based reasoning standpoint.

    Dead Arabs are a good laugh but dead Americans once again elicit the emotional, protection based reasoning standpoint.

    My conclusion, people in general possess a sentimentality that contradicts their own actions, they, despite their own strong viewpoints, allow for personal feeling to override reality and basic standpoint.

    My answer is that no banning of reality should ever take place regardless of emotive reasoning, we should view these videos even if it brings pain and disgust and we should view them in order to learn from them.

    Sometimes we can only learn from tragedy but learn we must otherwise we will create further tragedies.

    1. @Empty soul: I think the child comment is absolutely true, and that is for any nationality but as for the having trouble seeing a dead American?? Mmm, no not true at all. I have no problem at all, seeing a dead american.

      Besides adult humans are just fleshy viruses, that deserve anything and everything we get. Not too much sympathy for those who have been corrupted by their own intelligence. Humans are the worst species on earth and I am ashamed to be one most of the time especially when I see the things we do to each other physically as well as the deceit, the propaganda, the bullshit we fed by our own governments as well as shit like climate change, extinct animals, bulldozing the amazon at 30 football fields a day. I mean what is that shit about?? Factory farming and the cruelty we impose on other species we are supposed to SHARE this place with. I could go on but you all know what i am saying and we are all guilty….Makes me sick……

      I think our day of

      1. Whoops – …..I think our day of being top dog on this planet is just about over. We all know it can’t go on like this, and we’ll be knocked off our perch soon. Mother Earth just won’t tolerate our shit forever. The thing is, we know what we are doing to fuck up our own home, but do nothing of significance to stop our assault and rape of the land. Recycling some soft drink bottles just makes us feel better….I give up..

  13. Wow….ok you wanted boundaries? I was just called a troll. A FUCKING TROLL. That offends me. I don’t consider myself the king of Best Gore but jeez…that was low. Thought I was worth a little more than that. Its not my fault…I was molded into this shape..

    1. Who wanted boundaries?

      And the guy who called you a troll? Well, that’s just his opinion. Which everyone is free to state. I’m sure a tough guy like you will get over it.

      I recall you stating earlier in this post, “do not come at me” yet you are quick to go at others you feel are weaker than you because they do not wish to watch the video. This is something I don’t get.

          1. i guess they think that they really hurt my feelings, lol. I’m here day in and day out, fighting the good fight. an embodiment of the free speech Mark has fought so hard for. and then lurkers, part-timers and newbs think that they can speak to me like they own shit.

    1. I don’t think at the point that the camera was rolling that there was much that could be done. Kinda like most the videos we see on here.. where the hell was the mother or father?! I could hear someone screaming and no doubt this happened REALLY fast but honestly, what could you have done differently? The space looked really small. Would you have possibly given your life to not even be able to save another? I’m just curious because in my mind, there wasn’t much that could’ve been done! I’d like to think I wouldn’t be in that exact predicament because I’d be holding my child BUT I would’ve actually died with my child to attempt a save. Can’t say that I would’ve died for someone else’s though. You tend to just act when it’s your own kids and after watching this, the logical side of things tells me that no one except the mom could’ve actually prevented this accident. Just my two cents..

      1. I know what you mean.

        And the gap is pretty small. What I would have done? Probably knelt there in shock and walked away.
        Video taping this, I hope, will improve somehow the infrastructure of train stations in general.

        But ultimately, our own safety lies in our own hands.

        (Thanks for your responses)

  14. Been watching best gore for a few years now, haven’t commented much. I came here to say this is actually the only thing on best gore that had me replaying the video atleast 30 times, and it’s also the first video that made me feel kind of violated, like I wasn’t supposed to watch something like that aha. Not even the beheadings match up to this shit. :/

  15. Well… There it is, ‘rents. Uncensored reality if you let your little ones out of your sight even for just a second.

    I’m glad I don’t have kids. This world is dangerous enough without having to watch out for offspring.

  16. Who the fuck stands there and films this whilst the kid is still alive?? I don’t care how close the train was to the wall, I would be squeezing my ass through the gap to rescue it. Seriously man wtf is wrong with people….

    1. It’s India baby!!….but I agree hun…I would have been the one dumbass getting killed for some waste of oxygens child that probably works drop him on the next set of tracks once she leaves with it…sigh… =/

    2. easier said than done but i can assure you would have died with it if you tried or have a closer view at the babys death and it will always be in your conscious because its not the same witnessing it in person than on a website

          1. What kind of parent could she be if she had nothing for the pain and it was stopping her being able to look after herself, never mind a child? Or she was high on painkillers prescribed legally by a proffesional? It all comes down to perception of what is right and wrong. The fundamentals have to be there in the first place, ie actually giving a fuck about your child and loving them. The woman in this post didn’t care enough to prevent this, and fuck knows if she was high as a kite or sober as a judge. Makes no difference now. @ladywicked loves her daughter and this post disgusted her, so that tells you everything about her as a mother. She’s not sitting smoking crack while her kid fucks off on a random adventure. Walk ample in her shoes and try again.

          2.’re sweet jonny!!..but PLEASE ignore the sussy simps on here…I need to learn to not respond to em either…lolz it’s hard not to…if this is an elder..sorry but FUCK off..never seen you post before and if I did you just not be that important anyways… <3 @Jonny.. πŸ™‚

          3. I know what you mean @ladywicked. They get to say their bit, and we get to say ours. Hard to resist when you see an argument that deserves to be shot down. Anyway, it changes nothing in the grand scheme of things. Some things need to be said. πŸ˜‰

    3. @Judged, I like you but I disagree on this. I’d save anyone, ANYONE.. child or adult if I could. However, I’m not going to kill myself and leave my kids mother-less when it’s obvious that there’s nothing that can be done. I feel for the child and filming would’ve been the last thing that came to mind for me in that situation, but I wouldn’t have died because another mother was to lame to pay attention to her child! How do you put your young baby that’s in diapers on a platform to walk around?! Now, if she was being robbed or something, then I feel horribly for the mother but I don’t know specifics on why she put the baby down. I still feel sorry for the entire situation though.

  17. I see this type of negligence all the time.
    Well not at this level, but still. Mothers walking with their ‘baby’s daddy’ practically sucking his dick in their head already, leaving the child behind. Then there is my favorite of texting and walking; and getting mad at the child for not ‘keeping up’.
    Dumb cunts who bring innocents into this cruel world. Spineless men who know the worst that’ll happen is the “child support” that those useless cunts will use on nails, phones, etc.
    I really feel bad for the men who fight for full custody and will never get it because of “mother’s rights”.

    1. As a female, the biased “mother’s rights” just really pisses me off. NO MATTER WHAT, the child should ALWAYS go to the parent or person who is the most capable of being the responsible, most all-around parent. This poor excuse for a “mother” should be held 100% responsible for this child’s preventable death. Someone surrounding this cunt better have at least had the balls to beat this bitch to near death.

  18. I’ve see this negligence daily.
    Well maybe not at this level, but still.
    Useless mothers who stay right behind “baby daddy” practically sucking his dick in their head, while leaving the kid behind.
    Or my favorite texting and walking, then getting mad at the kid for not keeping up.
    Cunts like these are devils, bringing innocents into this cruel world. Then the spineless men who know the worst that’ll happen is the “child support” that the cunt will use on nails, phones, etc.
    How much are condoms? Then think how much are diapers?

  19. Oh gosh. This video totally got me (and I’ve seen most if not all stuff on here and feel desensitised to it). Weird feeling of horror/dread/shock inside after seeing that.

    I know she was only a toddler and does not know any better, but after she was killed I was thinking “Why did you have to move”? RIP little one.

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