Tomato Head Crush

Tomato Head Crush

These photos have it all – removed flip flops, head crushed like a ripe tomato and a coffin at the ready, but it’s that coffin that confuses the shit out of me. For some reason, it’s not one of those carbon fiber ones, but an actual wooden coffin. Under normal circumstances I would think that this happened in Brazil, but that coffin just doesn’t match and everybody seems too white. Can’t be Thailand either cause I don’t see any pointers. Any ideas?

It’s a classic case of a truck losing control and running over a pedestrian’s head, turning the scene into a bloody tomato head crush. That tiled ground doesn’t even look like road on which trucks drive fast. It must have been a slow speed collision – somebody wasn’t paying attention.

Props to drccoco for the pics:

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112 thoughts on “Tomato Head Crush”

        1. Yeah its a heart indeed Stench. I must say the gore quality of the pic with the man’s heart went all the way up to his crushed head is very impressive in terms of difficulty achieving that type of gore and a rare occurence as well, perhaps artistic in a way too. The other possible scenario that may surpass this one in its type of gore difficulty is If its a pregnant woman in that same situation, a picture of a fetus inside her head.

          1. He siad it based on the type of pavement….which i do understand, but that other (liver?) set of dark-guts was rocket-launched like 10 feet out in front of him…..not something I could really seem happening when getting squished by, someing like a steam-roller moving at a neck-breaking 3 mph

  1. They’re intestines… and the red glob is his heart… I have an associate’s in bio.. this inside shit’s my life… Amazing how that crap was squirted out his brain… Like a candy tube of sweet tart gel… Mmhmm, I’m hungry now!!

  2. Its past midnight here so….Happy Moms day to all my gore friends that have bitchy, resistive, depressed, downright lazy and no motivation, and think only of themselves for kids! I will be lucky if I get a text tomorrow. I hope some of you gals do have kids that do appreciate you! 🙂

        1. That’s funny @high, when I read that comment, for some reason my eyes were blurring up, so I thought “short visit” read shit rivit. Then my eyes cleared up. So, what was funny is I thought it coulda said, mine drove in for a shit rivit! HAHAHA, curse you rotten stench!!!!

          1. @Luna…oh my goodness, Im glad you shared that about my ?short visit?. I laughed so much I started wheezing! Now every time I hear or see short visit, going to make me think shit rivit. Thanks, I needed that laugh!

  3. you see the strangest things on this site. who would have ever thought it possible without the power of the interweb and personal computers. we are living in the star trek age. really nothing is off limits now or beyond our collective knowledge. the interweb is the real tree of knowledge spoken about in the bible. here we see good and evil. mostly evil.

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          1. I agree with you stench. In my experience it’s mainly the females that do the nasty shit while the guys just talk about it. I’ll talk about the most perverted bull mess all day long but if some chick asked me to do it, hell no. Unless she’s insanely hot, then I’ll lick her butter hole.

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            Just ask him yourself, you would get a more accurate answer.

          3. @High, I thought @uli was in agreement? “shut up” it doesn’t always mean ‘be quiet’, when someone says something you agree with, some people say “shut up!” or the longer version “shut the front door”, I think this is what @uli meant?

          4. Sorry. I accidentaly ‘rat-bit’ you there, it was completly unintentional, but with me, I am a prick in real life, so i don’t try to disguize it here on the site, or, really any where else i go either.

            No hard feelings I hope sweetheart.

  4. Looks like he was wearing some kind of hood thingy on his head, like fabric as opposed to skin, thus giving the Elephant Man look. Anyway, thanks Drccoco and Mark for more gore. Was going through withdrawals. 😀

      1. A text is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, eh? My sister never hears from her daughter, who’s married to a controlling first class asshole. At least Sis is close to her granddaughter and her baby.

        1. Yeah, I know what that is like. I left one of those controlling first class assholes myself. Your sister probably does not hear from her daughter because the asshole controlling her isolates the female away from family and friends. This way they maintain control and manipulation over the wife.

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          No, but seriously, You’re right.

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