Toshiba Sucks

Motorcyclist Torn to Pieces

Based on my experience so far, Toshiba officially sucks. They take zero pride in the product they make cause that’s the only way for me to explain how it doesn’t bother them one bit that a piece of junk they’ve made quit working after just 5 weeks of use. After countless phonecalls, no Toshiba employee showed any interest in getting the inconvenience they’ve created resolved in a convenient way. Toshiba is the sole reason why updates on Best Gore are few and why I can’t read or reply to any emails. I found on their US contact us page that the corporate offices phone number is 1-949-583-3000. I wonder if that’s the best number to thank Toshiba for keeping us in limbo.

I was also thinking – since the only problem is me not having a computer, but not the millions of you… help me out. We can keep the updates happening together. I’m stuck using internet cafe computers in the third world countries and I don’t know if any of you’ve tried that before, but it’s nothing short of abhorrent. A browser would load up with at least 7 different toolbars installed. Millions of popups would obscure your view and would keep popping up cause the computers are infected through and through and likely serve as zombied servers for DDoS attacks controlled by people who spread the virus. You just can’t get shit done on these machines. It’s a major pain but that’s all I can do at the moment.

So help me out. Can you write? Then you could help writing descriptions for videos or pics. Do you know how to use WordPress? Then you could help loading everything up into a post and publishing it. I have my own way of loading these things up, but all it would take is a little bit of direction and then it should be easy. Also, until further notice, please do not send me any emails. It’s a challenge to go through them all when I have my Outlook working, but without it it’s a major pain. If you have something cool to share, save it for later. Unless it’s something ridiculously epic, cause then it just can’t wait.

I would also like to thank all of you who so generously offered monetary assistance, but with me being abroad and continuously on the move, it would be a logistical nightmare. Plus it’s got to be more fun to get more people involved in the content production process.

Any biters?


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Hey Mark. I can help out but my job requires my time anywhere between 6:30am until 10:00pm. Just let me know and I will schedule time on my breaks, and when I’m home as best as I can. I certainly do not want the content to stop flowing

    1. i bought a toshiba tv once fkin thing blew up after 4 month so they replaced it with a new one only for that to conk out 8 months later just in time for the gaurantee to run out. i was gonna send them a letter bomb in post but then thought nah cos its a toshiba stick of dynamite it wudda blown the mail man away before it reached it destination. πŸ™‚

      1. I bought a Toshiba laptop a few years ago. 2 months later it was overheating all the time, trying to do the most simple tasks. The battery itself almost spontaneously combusted. The whole system slowed down so much it was ridiculous. It’s almost like Toshiba was fucking with me.

  2. Fuck Mark, you must have gotten a lemon. I’ve never had a problem with any Toshiba products including my 20 year old 50 inch rear projection television and my A100 laptop which I’ve had for 6 problem free years. I just upgraded to a Samsung 55 inch HDTV but I miss my old rear projection.

    1. Hi Dave,

      just curious – did you speak Chinese before going to Taiwan? I found people there incredibly respectful and friendly and would recommend anyone a visit in a heartbeat, but it’s a tough country to visit for anyone who doesn’t speak Chinese or doesn’t have a companion who can. I still loved it there, but man calling it a challenge does not do the level of difficulty justice.

  3. I would say that every brand has it’s occasional deffects, it’s all about how their customer service handles things and word of mouth goes a long way when you piss off the wrong person. In this day and age with all of the competing companies you’d think they would be bending over backwards to save their reputation.

  4. i would gladly help with the site but my only problem is that my internet has had major problems recently (cuts out randomly and drops connection from time to time) so if wouldn’t be able to upload very often

  5. Hey Mark, I see that other people have already offered their help, but I would be glad to write descriptions or go through wordpress. I am not that familiar with the program(I am assuming a program) but I can follow directions. I feel like this site has exposed me to the bullshit, and that is invaluable to a college kid from a small town. Exposing me to the real world, uncensored, is going to make me a rich man. I am not thinking like every other sheep so I will see something they do not. I can at least repay you by helping out when you are in need.

  6. I’m somewhat computer-literate and enjoy creative writing, but 1) I work my fucking ass off to keep my head above water, and 2) I pretty much just make up stories and shit when I write, so I doubt I’d be much good @ writing commentary for gory videos and whatnot.

    BTW, there’s a story on that some of you might like, entitled “Honeymoon Phase”. Docile as it sounds, there’s a gruesome reward at the end.


    Shameless plug, I know…but it’s free, so WTF?

  7. I have a pretty firm grasp of the English language and I’m a shameless Grammar Nazi. If you need me, let me know. I’m unfortunately pretty shitty at everything else computer-related. I do agree 100% that Toshiba is absolute bollocks. Sorry your laptop shit out on you with horrible timing :/

  8. Toshibas used to be good back in 2005-2008ish, my ex girlfriends laptop was 4 years old and has been to hell and back and still ran perfect for her…and was ALlll beat to hell.

    but I bought a new toshiba in 2010 and it was TOTAL CRAP, the speakers were so quiet it sounded like a mouse squeak, the mouse sucked balls, and the screen would dim so bad…Terrible laptop, and the battery sucked. BUT it WAS an AESTHETICALLY pleasing laptop, thats their point at Toshiba. Make it LOOK AS PRETTY AS POSSIBLE, Who cares how good it works!

  9. although there is room for improvement, i think my english literacy/grammar is at a decent level. i’ve only dabbled with wordpress (posted only one post on a friend’s blog a couple years ago >.>), but i’m fairly computer literate, so i think i could work things out as a i go. i’m more than willing to help, but i think the only factor is availability. i work full time mon-fri, so i can only get on BG during the evenings and weekends, and a few minutes in the early morning. i don’t know if that would pose a problem.

  10. I’d absolutely love to help in any way I can, how you manage to be posting great content so frequently even in your given circumstances baffles me. If I can take part of the load off your shoulders then I’m all for it, just let me know if you need me πŸ™‚

  11. Hey Mark,

    I’m sure you have more than enough applicants by now, but I’d be more than happy to help. I used to be a mod on a NIN forum for awhile, so I have an idea of how things work (basic HTML, ect) and though I am mostly a lurker here, I am very active in other communities. I’m a pretty decent writer too, and know how to use wordpress (though its been awhile). Love the site and the community and am willing to help out if ya need it.

    Smokey πŸ˜‰

  12. For the record, my local computer repair shop, as well as a few others in my area, are consistently called upon to repair Toshiba Laptops more than any other brand of computers. In fact, they likewise offer for sale more refurbished/repaired Toshiba laptops than any other used laptops they sell. That, in my view, pretty well speaks for itself. What it is that goes wrong varies, from inferior CPU’s, to shabby power supplies, Toshiba products appear to inherit a little bit of anything and everything when it comes to something possibly going wrong. Personally, I would scrap the Toshiba, and either grab a cheap ACER (which i’ve found to quite reliable), or move over to a Sony. MAC’s are great too, but get ready to do a bit of damge to your wallet. .. Good luck Mark.

  13. Hey Mark,
    This may come across as informal, but I am a pretty quick learner with technology once I am told how to do something. I’m somewhat computer literate but not a lot. I am also very proficient in my writing skills. If you ever need me to set up some posts for your site, I would be honored to do so. If you allow me to create some posts, advice on how to find some stories would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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