Traffic Accident Victim Looks to Be in Rough Shape with Broken Leg

Traffic Accident Victim Looks to Be in Rough Shape with Broken Leg

Traffic Accident Victim Looks to Be in Rough Shape with Broken Leg

I got no backinfo. By looking at the video, it shows the aftermath of a traffic accident. One man is down on the road with badly broken leg and unspecified head trauma.

He seems to be in rough shape, as if already resigned to the inevitable. But what the fuck… Is that a friggin wiener sticking from under his shorty shorts? The fuck kind of faggy shit is that?

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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54 thoughts on “Traffic Accident Victim Looks to Be in Rough Shape with Broken Leg”

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    1. Avoid public boners? What the hell for? That’s how you let the girls know what you got without getting arrested and leads to much schmoo……Like a peacock showing off his beautiful tail feathers. I thought every bloke does that?? Can’t believe I actually have to explain that out loud…….

        1. That’s my favorite Hang Out…

          I think mothers already know what a stiffy looks like for obvious reasons. Her kids are only obsessed in getting a sugar buzz in the candy isle.

          If you’re going to cast blame on a man getting a stiffy at a grocery store, then blame the “Check Out” Lane.

          …but I do commend you for being proud of your stiffy

          I am too…

        1. I popped wood in class when I was in the 9th grade looking at my teachers ass . SHE WAS YOUNG AND HAD A JIGGLY ASS. She called me up to the board and this group of girls caught me. BY THE TIME I WENT BACK to my seat there was already a note on my desk that said, “ are you having a hard day?” Embarrassed as fuck.

  1. Yeah, the short shorts, the limp wristed pose, the fact he’s got his cock out… it’s all a bit gay. What would be even gayer is to be the guy to wander over and tuck his cock back into his shorts for him. Even though it’d be an act of human kindness, no man is that kind. As for a woman doing it, the majority won’t touch a man’s cock unless they’re getting something out of it.

  2. I had to come back for one more comment….You know this is why I hate foreigners and foreign countries. You won’t see this type of shit here in Canada no fucking way.
    We have cross walks that talk and make noises and we have drivers who are responsible more or less. Furthermore, nobody over here would just stand around taking pictures and video…..the universal commodity of the disenfranchised turd-world scum…..Also if a Canadian was to be run over in the streets he would surely be better attired than the seemingly obligatory flip-fucking flops and shabby looking 1st world cast away clothes….And that revolting little penis for all to see….That instrument of reproduction…..of more generations of lowly scuzz and dirty little fingers groping for the 1st world dreams….will rise no more.
    That flaccid object he’s undoubtedly used countless times to violate the sanctuary of young boys anal canals and spread untold amounts of disease infested semen through the vaginas of underage street urchins will never again be inserted into the vile orifices of his countrymen.
    Let this be a lesson to us all tonite….
    Give thanks for your high speed Internet. ….give praise to our beautiful countries and sexy women and our glorious penises that offer many illustrious shades of color rather than those dark forbidding ant eater snouts of the peasants of 3rd words. For tonite we rejoice in unity as we celebrate the passing of this mangled and despicable young man who did not offer us the courtesy of providing any better entertainment than his limp cocked silent fumbling and grotesque clothes…..This man got away easy….for he deserved worse…It was his destiny to die today….for our entertainment and joy.
    A fitting eulogy.

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