Traffic Accident Victim Reduced to Guts and Two Limbs

Traffic Accident Victim Reduced to Guts and Two Limbs

Not much backinfo on this one. The video shows the aftermath of a traffic accident that left a person on the road reduced to a blob of guts and two limbs. If it was not for the limbs, you could hardly tell this used to be a human.

You can see the blood smear before and after the victim. The smear is broad enough for one to assume that he was run over by a truck, bus or other large vehicle with dually wheels. If he has no ID on him, I wonder how they’re gonna go about identifying who the heck he was.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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60 thoughts on “Traffic Accident Victim Reduced to Guts and Two Limbs”

      1. Had to be India no where else are there many Hindus capturing this on phone video for our amusement, most of the time when I see titles like this one or man reduced to minced meat I already know it’s from India lol

  1. How the fuck? I’ve never seen a traffic accident victim even close to that fucked up. Why do these things only happen in certain countries? Perhaps our diets make our bodies less likely to be torn apart like this.

    1. Well.. It does happen everywhere, in fact people die in horrible accidents every day. We just don’t often see it from Western countries as it’s considered very bad taste to stand around filming squished dead people or filming ourselves committing murder. And the powers be at accidents scenes do a great impersonation of Officer Barbrady.. “Get back! Nothing to see here folks” and immediately cover them up, while firemen’s moves are super-coordinated so no one can sticky beak must be the ‘civilised’ thing to do. But not in 3rd World countries. I saw one vid on YouTube where cops completely undressed a fully dressed murdered girl in Bogota, right in front of a huge crowd of onlookers, including small kids – ostensibly to see if she’d been raped… even though she was wearing tights that obviously hadn’t been touched. No privacy for the squished and murdered dead in 3rd world countries!

  2. “you could hardly tell this used to be a human.” I wouldn’t go that far and say it used to be human. There are far too many Indi-monkeys roaming the earth. They seem to find interesting ways to die on a mass scale but breed faster than fleas. It’s unfortunate as they along with every other simian feel the need to migrate north and stink up apartment buildings with their awful cooking. They are also very rape inclined. So you have to keep a close eye on any children who venture too close to them. Along with women rapists they too tend to get short prison sentences for rape. How many gas stations, headshops, and Haji-Marts does one western nation need anyway? More than half of western populations that can work don’t, If we cut off the benefits it might force these lazy white millennial niggers out of their mother’s basement and into the work force. But alas that won’t happen soon so we have to import more curry niggers to sell alcohol and “not for human consumption” spice, bathsalts to spoiled western pud wackers.

  3. I love how much of a fuck the motorists give, some cunt is blowing away on the horn giving it,
    “Come on for fucks sake, I’m late, pick the fucker up & get out the way”.!!!
    Just had another thought.. If that was Tesco or Asda, they’d have had one of those yellow triangle signs on it telling you to watch out, there’s a slippy surface.!
    You wouldn’t want to go slip sliding through that mess with your new shoes on would you.?

    1. This “designated shitting streets” policy is not a year-around standard, and you know that perfectly well. We’ve both been to the subcontinent, so come on, let’s not shit each other.

      You can take a shit anywhere the monsoon rains are expected to carry it all away, through the burning bodies on the Ganges out to the ocean. This time of year, it’s totally unacceptable to take a public shit anywhere but on the railroad tracks.

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      Cleanup becomes a strain on the state budget, so the several semi-autonomous and very arrogant states must come a-calling to Modi & Co.

      This slow and drawn out process of central governmental control is what will bind the nation of India and finally allow this shithole to advance to the 21st century.

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