Traffic Safety PSA Released by the Western Cape Government in South Africa

Traffic Safety PSA Released by the Western Cape Government in South Africa

Best Gore member radarman who hooked me up with this PSA video says:

These videos were released by the western cape government, in South Africa to promote road safety. For some reason they got a large backlash…

Funny how every government realizes that raw reality is the most powerful way to deliver a message on dangers of certain activities, yet people are still getting prosecuted on the grounds of “obscenity”. It’s even more ridiculous that the sheep still bitch about display of raw reality as if censorship and ignorance of reality also prevented the reality from happening.

BTW – what was the pedestrian in this video thinking, crossing a highway with 4 lanes in each direction on foot?

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32 thoughts on “Traffic Safety PSA Released by the Western Cape Government in South Africa”

    1. i don’t know, a dozen people traveling at 50+mph and syuddenly slamming on their brakes and trying to pull onto the shoulder is cause for more potential accidents…i can’t speak for south africa, or all of america but in some states its actually illegal to attempt to help or administer medical attention to someone whose been injured if you have no medical training…if you end up fucking that person up, you are now responsible and can be sued by his/her family…so what the fuck would you do? pull over and just stand there looking with you fucking Iphone on him?

    1. There are some parts in South Africa which are far much developed than the US. Try google earth and watch through the streets of Durban, East London or even Port Elizabeth and compare it with your so called developed countries.

  1. “They got a large backlash over this”…..are you kidding? It was filmed from so far away, you couldn’t possibly see any blood or gore, just a tiny figure taking a stupid chance and running across a lane with vehicles comming towards him, that even I could tell were going to hit him/her. And people objected to it….why didn’t they object to the fact that their fellow citizens drove around him/her instead of stopping to help??

  2. The same almost happened when I was really little. My parents and I were coming home from Massachusetts when a group of blacks (if I recall correctly) ran across the 4-lane highway and were almost hit by several cars. We almost hit them too. Funny how I remember stuff like that at a very young age.

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