Tragic Traffic Accident Results in Many Dead, Including Children

Tragic Traffic Accident Results in Many Dead, Including Children

I don’t know anything about this tragic accident but it looks like a collision between a minivan and a passenger vehicle, possible somewhere in a former Soviet Republic country. Witnesses of the accident wasted no time and proceeded to rescue trapped victims from their vehicles, unfortunately many have not survived the crash. Several children have been laid on the ground and appear motionless. They’re probably dead too. Horrible tragedy.

Props to Best Gore member koc for the video:

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78 thoughts on “Tragic Traffic Accident Results in Many Dead, Including Children”

      1. Surely I do not agree with you that this is funny at all. “What is so good” about anything. It is all in the eye of the beholder and obviously you don’t see a child for what they are; pure and innocent. Very sad that you feel children should die.
        By the way Lautrec, oxygen is a resource that is free and never ending. Crazy huh!? Go figure.
        As you are free to make your dumb comment I am glad that your parents did not share the same views as you and abort/kill you. We are all unique as children and should be looked upon with love or at least a smile.

      2. @ Tehlols_Lautrec
        You can say disrespectful things and be a dipshit on the internet like the pussy you are and that’s fine.
        However to say something like that about children is something else. Even in prison, do you know what happens to people who are doing time for crimes against kids? If even in a shithole prison somewhere in a third world country they at least have a code of respect when it comes to children, but still hang each other on meathooks and set each other on fire like a walk in the park, then wtf kind of person do you think that would make you?
        EVEN FOR A TROLL, that’s low. Cowardly, heartless and soulless.

        If you have any fucking respect for yourself and this life you’re obviously don’t deserve, you would never have said that, or at the very least you’d regret saying it.

        Now get on your fucking knees and beg for forgiveness before our boy Lucifer arrives to claim you as his personal cumbucket

    1. I thought one guy was wearing an FC Basel (Switzerland) football shirt, but with all these glory hunting fans all over the world, that isn’t much of a clue as to where it happened.

      You’re probably right about a day trip. I’ve never taken a school bus but there are too many adults for my liking for it to be that

        1. It is true Dong. 🙂 watched it twice and that is what I saw.

          @it was me: I don’t watch those kind, but I have come to realize that Mark generally puts the most horrific picture as the header for the story, so I decided to peek. I hope though that all made it. :,(
          Are you a momma?

    1. @IWM- All 3 of my kids are still in tethered seats! My 10 year old is in a tethered booster and my 5 and 8 treat olds are still in 5-point harnesses! After having my eyes opened to all the shit on here, they may stay that way until freaking high school! I have so many friends that I’ve had to fix their kids seats because they were flopping around the back seat. A car seat is only effective when properly installed and used! My kids are petite, so they need the extra help the seat provides. I can guarantee that some of those kids would’ve survived if placed in car-seats!

  1. Im new here i have posted a few times and have been lurking around here since 2010, after stumbling to this site, and let me tell you guys, and mark too, that this about the best site and community that I have been in, and happy to soon be a regular like gunkygirl, hung like a mouse, soul, drcocco, juicy, killthefilth,killajamal, brokeback, and countless others, good job to all you guys, you guys are all not normal! hahaha, like me, but not enough, this was a real tragic even here especially the cries of the parents that have there children laying there dead. that sucks.

    1. i think it is a good thing when seeing this still affects you. i couldnt finish it, it was sad to see those kids so motionless. this is real life and real life sucks, but mark is doing us a great service to show us how fucked life really is.

    1. Ugh! You always seem to piss me off with you being you. You might have a face that is pretty on the outside but on the I side you are nothing but nastiness and ugliness. Sad to know dead children and raped children excite you a d make you happy.

        1. LOL I wasn’t going to reply to the attention whore J3ZAB3L because that is what she wants by replying to every post here but wtf, that sounded so shallow, then according to your logic only someone hideous can be apathetic and sadistic.

          1. You’re right. My logic sucks. Because if that were true, id be one apathetic sadistic mothafucka.
            I guess I should have said its disappointing when pretty women are so pissy.
            I’m just not too friendly towards people who joke about dead kids.

          2. @ Killa I didnt know that you are a apathetic sadistic mofo and I am an attention whore! Damn that is crazy! No worries, I think we both know who has the issues here.

          3. Fuck. I shouldn’t post on BG half asleep at 7am. Idk what the fuck is wrong with me. Anna didn’t even reply. I guess I have to offer to lick your pussy too Jez. Haha.

  2. Hey Fucked Up And Wonderful People 🙂 I have been viewing this site for around a year now and have finally registered 🙂 loving all the videos and comments… These type of videos that hit me hard though, always manage to stick in the back of the head <3 loving all the hard work the site and everyone else is doing 😛

  3. Is it wrong that I felt little to no emotion when seeing the children? I’ve felt sorrow before when viewing child tragedies on BG. But none this time, odd. As for the video, any parent survivors of the children must feel shitty. More safey precautions should be taken into account when driving with a vehicle full of children don’t ya think?

  4. I normally enjoy seeing people die.
    But man, when i heard their voice, it shattered my heart!
    These are Chechens =(
    It removed my smile in a milisecond into a worried face.
    At 00:50 You can see the number plate, the last number is 95. Which is for Chechnya. Moscow is 199.

    While i couldn’t understand anything, the only thing i understood was “Ho dih yala” (7x) which means: “You go out the way”

    These “minivans” are quite common there, they’re often at centers, and theyre cheap and bring you to various important villages.

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