Train Accident in Bangladesh – Ever Seen Corpse Like This?

Train Accident in Bangladesh - Ever Seen Corpse Like This?

This happened in Chairman Bari area of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The video shows the aftermath of a train accident that left behind a weird looking corpse. If you watch until the end when the cameraman moves and films the corpse from behind, it only seems to get weirder.

Apparently, that’s a human corpse. Where the rest of it is, I have no idea.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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98 thoughts on “Train Accident in Bangladesh – Ever Seen Corpse Like This?”

    1. Ever seen the 1986 remake of the the 50s movie The Fly?

      This is BrundleFly, the resultant creature from the genetic splicing of a fly, the teleporter and scientist Seth Brundle.

      You’re perfectly right Dozer67. It should kill itself.

      1. That’s what I thought. I was going with aborted Sea Lion, but…yeah.
        Find the end with a nose and balance a beach ball on and it becomes obvious.

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  2. geez dont you really want to see how this happened. how many spins do you think he spun and then the deflated head even? wow. what do you gotta do wrong in your life to go out like that

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  4. Looks like a manatee or even a pig!

    Must be what happens when a train turns a body over and over grinding it in to the ties and gravel and shredding limbs. What is it with Third World shitskins and trains and large trucks?

    Went to a call for a teenaged boy hit by a train. His face was split in half and he was agonal breathing for the longest time afterwards too, at least the ten minutes it took us to box him up and put him in the ambulance. I wondered why his shirt was about thirty feet away from him. Hanging around the scene after the conductor said that the engineer said the victim a two friends were standing between the rails to see who could stay the longest. The idiot had his shirt off swinging it over his head like a lasso. His buddies bailed, they lost and he “won.” A handrail on the steps filleted his kisser like splitting chicken breasts.

  5. Put that giant shrimp on the barbie mate. Add some sabzi to the plate with the shrimp and a little Maach Bhuna – red chili, ginger, cinnamon, onion, and garlic, heated in oil and then cooked with fish, meat or vegetable slices, add a little water to thin out the sauce. The result is something aromatic, flavorful, and spicy. One of my favorite Bangladesh dish. Use a little oil from the train.

  6. At first glance I felt bad. Only because I thought it was some animal. Just another human animal after all so I was happy. We’re not going extinct anytime soon, unfortunately.

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