Train Cuts Man in Half in Gazipur, Bangladesh

Train Cuts Man in Half in Gazipur, Bangladesh

Apparently, Bangladesh is not much different from India as far as their relationship with trains is concerned.

Video below was reportedly filmed in the city of Gazipur in central Bangladesh. It shows a body of a man who was cut in half by a train. His legs landed above his head, and a nice chink of guts spilled out from the opened cavity below his rib cage. Even though many people initially survive being cut in half, this fellow doesn’t seem to have much life left in him.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. yep! and right above muslim is dude all in white on his belly
            directly below is two side-by-side heads and clown head on thigh and ooo is that a troll next to muslim?

          2. @despy

            Dammit….I can see everything you can. At least I’m not the only one fucked in the head.

            Edit: Look up the rail on the right side (not the one running through him) and at the top of the photo. Is that Barack Obama just to the left of that rail? 😮

          3. @despy

            Ok, this one is really gonna fuck you in the head.

            See the muslim woman with the black eye? Well just below her shoulders her black clothing turns white and it looks like she has a blanket pulled up over her boobs. Just look at the blanket. It has the face of a German Shepherd on it! Woof woof!

          1. Awww, that’s a shame. It’s funny how these things register in your mind when you look at them but can appear differently to other people. When I look at the muslim woman, all I can see now is the dog’s face below hers.

            I still want to know what Obama is doing in that pic though. That’s the really creepy bit.

          2. I can see dog face as it appears his snout aligns with teeth of head next to it although it’s far easier for me to pan out and just see weathered fisherman’s head. now Obama appears to be looking across to John Lennon’s severed head but his view seems to be partially obscured by Freddy Kruger’s hat. 10!

          3. @despy

            Yup, you’ve found the doggie…woof woof! I also agree with John Lennon. Here are another two:

            Top right of picture, about half an inch in, is the fat face of Oliver Hardy. Now if you follow a line below that and just a tad to the left, directly below the first sleeper there are what look like two muppet eyes. In fact, it reminds me of the cartoon character who was always peeking over a wall. Sorry, can’t for the life of me remember his name.

            Another note: Something like this needs to be a forum thread where we can dissect pictures like this one and see what we can all come up with. I find stuff like this totally fascinating! I will leave it in your hands @despy to begin said thread; I will be an active participant if you choose to do so. 🙂

          4. @illegalsmile55

            Whilst reading the page you linked I squinted at one paragraph because I thought I saw something hidden in the words. Sure enough, after focusing on how some spaces between words appeared, along with things like the difference between how high and low letters appear (eg ‘k’ is high, ‘e’ is low) and then picturing imaginary lines linking up these differences, I saw a spaceship – flying saucer type – in amongst the words.

            I would like to thank you for enabling me to confirm for myself that I am a totally fucked-up, bat-shit crazy sonofabitch who should be wrapped up in a straight-jacket and confined in a plasma bubble until the sun turns pink. There will always be a special place in my heart for you for helping me to see this side of me. 🙂 <3

          5. I need to quit staring at this because now if I look to white armless creature photo bombing shot behind muslim and I follow his hair straight up I am led to baby Lego looking cop (he rather forms the V between Lennon and Kruger/Hardy hybrid)

            I need to figure out where this pic originally came from and see if there was any chatter surrounding obvious oddities. it is rather spooky
            and if it’s just us? maybe we should pile in van drive around solving mysteries and stuff

          6. @despy

            Maybe we should stop looking at it. After all, it seems we’re the only two admitting to seeing anything and we may have already become pariahs within BG walls. As for the solving of mysteries and stuff, it sounds good to me. You go and get the van and I’ll look for someone with a dog called Scooby.

            Oooohh, hang on a mo….


            What’s your dog called?

  1. I always have a strange feeling around trains. Therefore, I am never around trains. I don’t live in a too heavily populated area and rarely see trains at all, ever. But… in these regions where it is over populated – there are literally endless articles here on this fine website; of people obliterated or severed in half by trains. I do not understand. I cannot help myself but to make this comment.

    Do these people not have the regular, common intuition that trains are always inherently dangerous to the human body when the two compete? It shouldn’t matter the population nor the frequency of trains; do not spend time near train tracks that are not intended for human traffic (like commuter train platforms and their controlled crossings). It’s really that simple. So simple, even the average variety of ape could figure this out faster than the inhabitants of where ever these accidents are common. I don’t know how to think about that. It’s so bizarre.

  2. I wanted to make an edit – but missed the timer. In my most humble opinion believe the only reason acceptable is suicide or if a person is intentionally pushed into the path of a moving train. Both of which suck. I guess that depends what part of Earth you’re from though because suicide is honorable in Japan. However, getting murdered by being pushed into the path of a train would still suck.

    The only other way to think about it is absurd freak accident. There might not be any “accidents” in the universe, so there is also that part to consider. Enough. Peace.

  3. Jesus man,,, what the hell is wrong with these fucking people??? You’d think that the more you see shit like this, then the more you would get used to it. But NO Man,,, the more that i see this shit, the more i am realizing how truly fucked these so called responsible Parents/ Peasants truly are. Like who in the right mind would always bring what sounds like 4, or 5 year old kids to see stuff like this. Because they look like they are having a great time, and enjoying some kind of twisted get together, or a picnic of some sorts around a dead, or dying man. 🙁 And what’s with the guy standing close to the legs holding his junk???

  4. They really dont want to make things easier for those that have to pick up their parts… If they just lay the neck on the tracks then they would be 100% successful in killing themselves and still making the job easier for the cleanup crew. 😀

    1. I dunno, I sort of get it. If I were going to lie on the tracks I might go for a middle cut too. It would be interesting to possibly survive for a while and get to know what it feels like to be sliced in two and play with my own intestines.

      I think I need to go and see a PsychoTheRapist.

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