Train Kills Three People Watching Surabaya Burning in Indonesia

Train Kills Three People Watching Surabaya Burning in Indonesia

Train Kills Three People Watching Surabaya Burning in Indonesia

Three people were killed and 20 more injured when a passing train struck a crowd of onlookers who gathered on the railway bridge in order to watch the celebration of National Heroes Day in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia on Friday November 9, 2018.

Dubbed the City of Heroes, Surabaya holds the annual celebration to commemorate the fight that liberated the city from Dutch rule on November 10, 1945.

The onlookers were on the bridge to watch a theater performance titled Surabaya Membara (Surabaya Burning). The scheduled train was passing over the bridge and reportedly slowed down to 15 kilometers per hour from its regular speed and also sounded its horn. The dense crowd toppled over as it tried to avoid getting struck by the train and a number of people fell off the bridge.

The incident reminds me of the recent mess up in Amritsar, India.

Props to Best Gore member @sadister666 for the videos:

Here’s the video of the fall from a different standpoint:

And a video of a man who was sliced in half by the train:

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62 thoughts on “Train Kills Three People Watching Surabaya Burning in Indonesia”

  1. I’ve always maintained the photojournalists from Garut, West Java are the best Indonesia has to offer.

    These easterners can deliver a good video because they have an undeniable quantity of retarded behavior. How can you top the madness of a train trestle rave? It’s funny, but you just don’t see the closeup shots and aftermath coverage that make the Facebook types puke until they’re dry.

  2. I hate all the health and safety shit which is so annoying in the UK. This video made me think of that for some reason. Probably because that was so stupid what i just saw. Surely all them people wernt aware a train was scheduled?

  3. Ok, a lot of morons in America get killed walking on tracks every year but what the fuck is it with multiple people being killed by trains in these shit hole arm pit dump fucking countries? Who the fuck gathers enmasse on a railroad bridge when trains are active? These people are so fucking stuuuuuupid it is incredible that there are still so fucking many of them, by the billions, in this planet!

  4. Grand stand or the bird eye view is always the best but it comes at a price ….. some just about managed to escape without paying but some of them, not so lucky ended up paying with their dear lives.
    I’d say ………….”Foolhardies was the entire bunch of them “.
    Why the Gods of Death are always so obsessed with trains I wouldn’t know.!

  5. heard from 00:00 to 00:11 – the announcer tells the crowd below, in indonesian language :

    “tepuk tangan buat dia orang menaiki, yang ada di atas!” .. ([claps!]) .. “yah! untung sandarnya saja yang di andung!” .. ([screams!]) ..

    -translation to english –

    “clap hands for those people who got up, for those who are on top!” .. ([claps!]) .. “yeah! fortunate their leaning is only the (bridge) is witstanding!” .. ([screams!]) ..

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