Train Mangled Remains Hardly Resemble Human Form

Train Mangled Remains Hardly Resemble Human Form

I got no backinfo, but could be India, the train accidents capital of the world.

The video shows responders collecting the remains of a man mangled by a train. They put the remains on a stretcher to carry them away, though by that time they hardly resemble a human form. Trains don’t fuck around.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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73 thoughts on “Train Mangled Remains Hardly Resemble Human Form”

    1. Agreed @blucon . But what baffles me the most, is that once they loaded him up on that stretcher, you would think that they would get the fuck off the tracks, and do their inspection there. Do they have a death wish themselves, lol? 😉

      1. Thats probably because the track is closed for the time being. That corpse looks more like butchered meat. Train mangled em pretty bad. And though I hate to agree, India has become the train accident capital of the world.

  1. His palm reader had told him to prepare himself because something really big was coming his way.
    Filled with excitement over the news that a big thing was coming his way, he immediately ran home to tell his parents. He raced through a well known shortcut that runs through the train tracks…

  2. Is that the dead persons phone going off? Answer it and tactfully say, “We found your loved one pulverized by a train….. Who or what did this pile of meat use to be? Looks like a dead flat cow…. yep, we’re scraping it off the tracks right now….”

        1. Not really. There are millions of Christians and Muslims and open minded Hindus in india who still eat beef. Cow slaughter may be a taboo but bull and buffalo slaughter is okay. And even most cow owning Hindus secretly sell off their old cows to the village butcher or to a middleman. But if the butcher is caught with the cow by the Hindu fanatics he is sure to get the treatment.

  3. A friend and work colleague of mine died in this way. He was a cool guy albeit in a kinda aloof way. Just over 18 months ago, he turned and waved goodbye to me on his way out of the building, drove to a level crossing and concealed himself in the trees at the side. He used the train as a very effective suicide mechanism. Women often “cry for help” if they feel suicidal, but guys often see it as a “practical problem” (how?) which needs to be solved. My pal was an engineer and solved the “how?” problem in the most totally effective and speedy way he could conceive of. In his mind he needed to be clear of this fucked-up world, but I kinda liked this world with him being around. It is a mercifully quick and effective method but Jesus what a fucking job for the guys that have to clear it up. Very brutal – but problem solved.

    1. @Lord Wankdust
      Your friend should have tried slow strangulation hanging.
      He’d get a nice boner as his life ebbed away, and also get an open casket funeral, so his next of kin would not be as traumatised. And then everyone is happy.

      PS – did your friend’s suicide make to BG? I would have liked to see bits and pieces of him being scooped up.

      1. @ Mr Spock Thanks for showing an interest! No he didn’t want slow strangulation or that’s what he woulda done. His solution was a big proper speedy mechanical suicide machine which thoroughly did the fucking job. His casket was kinda open and his funeral was in the open air.
        No his demise didn’t make it to the BG screen. Not many Scottish Clips on here at all. We’re too busy drinking whisky and deep-frying porridge to be able to focus our cameras on anything.

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