Train Mows Down Dozens at Hindu Effigy-Burning Ceremony in Amritsar, India

Train Mows Down Dozens at Hindu Effigy-Burning Ceremony in Amritsar, India

Train Mows Down Dozens at Hindu Effigy-Burning Ceremony in Amritsar, India

During a religious ceremony involving burning an effigy of Hindu demon-king Ravana in Amritsar, India, a train plowed through a crowd of people, who neither heard it coming, due to the overuse of firecrackers, nor saw it coming, due to the smoke and fumes from the celebratory fire devices.

At least 50 people have been confirmed killed by the train, with estimates stating the final death toll could exceed 100. The festivities were part of the annual Dussehra festival.

Props to Best Gore members @manofwar and @mrlonely for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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137 thoughts on “Train Mows Down Dozens at Hindu Effigy-Burning Ceremony in Amritsar, India”

    1. This holy event end up being an unfortunate one. Its so sad and stupid at the same time. By the way from what i heard on the news they were sitting on the tracks because there was a big LED tv which was apparantly facing the tracks. Since there was around more than 70k people they had to place a tv so everyone could see the ravana dehan ( burning of ravana). Big politicians and powerful people who sponsored this event were present there and ran off to home as soon as people started dying. And now they are blaming each other for this mishappening while hundreds of people crying over death of their beloved.

      1. Shut the fuck up you moron , this is far from a “HOLY”event you stupid asshat….. It comes as no suprise something like this happens during this “UNHOLY” event, these nefarious demons , demigods bring the most negative energy on the planet as they bring recognition to them, this has been going on for thousands of years and still nothing positive, good or righteous comes from it. Sorry to blow your silly little party but these people aren’t known for being the sharpest pin in the cushion. I’m almost inclined to say they had it coming, you never see anything like this happen anywhere else in the world do you…… my suggestion next time. STAY THE FUCK OFF THE TRAIN TRACKS IDIOTS

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        1. @Svenati

          There is no such thing as ‘Demos’ you lying kike… But there is E.T. that control this planet that operate from higher dimensions, in order to control their evolutionary tool which is humanity.

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          2. Where do people get this garbage?
            Why can’t anyone just live their damn lives without obsessing over conspiracy THEORIES that do nothing but drive you crazy. You won’t ever find that proof you seek. You’re just wasting your time on this planet, and allowing the people who create these theories to control your path.

          3. @RaceBlakhart I’ve seen proof… I’ve seen things most don’t even get the privilege of seeing. It’s not a waste of time, but the only path a human can take to free themselves from this shit world we live in… And perhaps save my entire species.


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  1. Fair enough its a shithole but fuck me would you not use your dumb fucking head to think ‘Oh these are active train tracks, we probably should not stand on them while we have loud celebrations going on’ Must have been an epic experience for the driver.

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        1. Don’t you realize that the same people that have taken control of the U.S. government, have also made Australia their bitch as well? Whenever the U.S. military is involved in one of its fucked up war efforts, Australian troops are fighting right there beside them. Also, I find it ironic that the way you brag about your dick size, and are always talking shit, makes you come off like a shitty American stereotype.

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        2. Ha! You must be blind and stupid. I am an Aussie you dumb fuck! I have been here for a year and am a chatterbox. If you bothered to read all the comments on the posts religiously you would have noticed me .

          I happen to love India and Indians .Did you not read my comment about wanting to be at the festivals and have colours and spices thrown all over me?

          Reserve your comments for those that really can’t stand them.

          I also believe in “Noble Savages” to some degree but yes, I do believe many Indians have shitty lives and they themselves admit it.

          Only thing I hate more than superstition is a dumbcunt.Do your homework next time.


        3. Speaking of ignorant, did you not notice his spelling of color! Didn’t that give you a clue he wasn’t American!
          And yes India is a shit hole. Those fuckers are coming here by the thousands every month, but no one seems to be leaving here! Huh?
          As far as our government and military goes, we were isolationists, with a standing army smaller than Portugal’s before the Europeans got us involved in the SECOND WW.
          Lastly, hurray to the Aussies, they have the balls to stand up against tyranny!
          BTW there hasn’t been a moment of peace in Europe for hundreds of years.
          Try to understand how the world is before you rant.

    1. Of the locomotive breath,
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  2. I bet shit like this happens all the time in dindu land.
    They could save a lot of time and confusion, if they would just make it illegal for the general population to stand, walk, wait, shit, whatever, anywhere BUT the train tracks. Just think of it!

  3. Update

    They were hit by 2 trains thats on news & all over media. I imagine after they got hit by the first train the survivors then proceeded to help the injured. After a few minutes along came another train which ploughed through obliterating couple dozen more people

    Why would they stand in middle of the train tracks especially when its this noisy & overcrowded

  4. What In The Actual “FUCK” Is It,,, With These Murderous Trains In India,,, Like Really, & Seriously?
    Cause this is just getting More,,, & More,,, Fucking Retarded,,, and by the Day,,, For Fuck Sakes!

  5. I didnt see any smoke prohibiting any of the Dirka Dirka’s from seeing a large passenger train speeding down the tracks at them…. so I can only assume one of their 42 weird animal looking gods was weeding out the retards

  6. Some fat smelly cunt is drawing a salary cheque for nothing when he should have diverted or stopped that service for the night! I bet the fatcunt is the governor’s idiot nephew or something and nothing will happen to him.

    Good thing is it isn’t Umerikkiya. There they go onto becoming baseball managers or even Presidents.

  7. I doubt the train engineer could see the people on the tracks. With the bright fireworks going off he probably would be focusing on that wondering what’s going on. Even if he did see them after coming out of the smoke it would be much to late to stop. Those that organized this should have notified the railroad or at least got the dang train schedule.

  8. You know what you call “fifty dead and believed more”? A good start.

    Fuck’s sake, even if you can’t hear it for all the mullah-mullah-Dinka-derpa hollering, or see it for all the dollar-store black cat firecrackers you’re setting off…how about the fact that you’re all STANDING ON THE FUCKING TRAIN TRACKS as a good final clue?

    Next time pray to Vishna. He’s at least the god of clear eyesight. Or maybe Red Vines licorice. I don’t know. One bullshit god is as good as another.

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    1. No but I speak 2 dialects of Czech and English , can you ya silly asshat ? Nope- didn’t think so dumbo bitch HA HA HA HA , it’s ok because ignorance abounds with your types and I’ve seen it all my life kiddo, you are no different than the rest of the masses. BTW- just because we speak more than one language means nothing about intellect (you are proof to that) LMAO. now kick rocks little girl, one day- MAYBE one day your eyes will be opened and your stupidity and ignorance will be traded for common sense.

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    Anyway, all my love to BG and the fam. You guys are funny AF and the content on this site never ceases to put a broad smile on my face. Much love to you all!

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