Train Reverses Off Man Stuck Under It

Train Reverses Off Man Stuck Under It

Train Reverses Off Man Stuck Under It

In what looks like a failed attempt at getting severed vertically, a man ended up stuck hurting, but alive under a train in India. Train master must have seen the man and had enough time to slow down.

Train reverses off the man like peeling back an old stuck on bandaid. It was as if somebody took a train-size weight off his shoulders. Wait…

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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130 thoughts on “Train Reverses Off Man Stuck Under It”

    1. Die another day.
      Curry overdose is the suicide method krishna prescribed for him..
      but he went to try something else landing him in epic agony.
      Let’s keep an eye on him, perhaps he’ll be jumping off a building in the next attempt

  1. Wait …What ???! He’s alive ??? Holy Vishnu… this means that he was not meant to die after all maybe he will live the rest of his life now in peace and harmony with himself… This is the man who was hit by a train and lived. !!!

      1. Never, and I mean never, go to Fairy Tales brothel. Twinkle Bell, the fairy godfather, will grant you three wishes, but only on the day of his daughter’s same-sex marriage. Mattjack knows what I’m talking about.

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      1. No can do, I’m cooking stuff. 😉 My roomie just brought home about 6 lbs. of short ribs, and asked if I’d make them, some for a friend who’s Dad died day before yesterday. So they get some, and we get some. Yum. I’m stumped on the dessert, maybe something blueberry.

  2. I bet Indian train drivers don’t go the post traumatic counseling 1st world conducters get. Hell I bet Indians are hardened that they could care less. It’s obvious from here the driver was like “I dindhu nuffin”

  3. Dindu the Hindu any favor stopping. The guy is all fucked up and will probably die from internal injuries suffered both from the train and the idiotic rough handling by the on-gawkers afterwards.

    I guess it’s a natural reaction but what the fuck is the engineer thinking? “Oh noo! I am standing here beside myself! Dere is a man on dee tracks! If I stop I will only partially heet heem!!”

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  4. The train company got smart and installed lower pilots (cow catchers). This probably helps to remove all that goddam built-up shit along the tracks. If the train had been farther away from the station, with the added velocity, this could have been a cool video.

  5. I actually think this video is quite amazing. that train literally reversed off him and nothing was crushed. his head was sticking out beneath a train, it then reverses and he slips out seemingly unscathed?

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