Train Rides On After Cutting Young Flip Flop Man in Half

Train Rides On After Cutting Young Flip Flop Man in Half

Sup guys? Have you missed the frequent dose of train maulings? I’m back so we should start getting back on track. Not that track…

I don’t have any backinfo, but train accidents are as inherently Indian as white knighting is Brazilian, and flying tourist Thai. The flip flop is a nice added touch.

We already have a video of a woman cut in half by a train, as the train kept moving over her, so here’s the video of a young man in the same predicament:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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84 thoughts on “Train Rides On After Cutting Young Flip Flop Man in Half”

    1. c’mon, that track sucks ass. not even remotely romantic.
      the sound of apes moaning is more romantic than this shit.
      i get more turned on hearing my own shit spew out of my anus than when this shit is playing.

      just a really shitty track, i hope who ever made it dies in a fire

      1. I was on board until you mentioned the lobsters. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but, I’m getting too old to perform well with crustaceans clamped to my ball sack.

  1. Oh give this curry farting, jing-jang talking can’t play cricket for shit faker the Boliwood Oscar already! Great acting, Rajiv! I know damn well he’s still alive, these John Wayne wanna-be’s act dead, but Best Gore has proven time and time again that bisection is NEVER fatal anywhere on the Indian Subcontinent!

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