Truck Carrying Alcohol Slams Into Monument Outside Novokuznetsk in Russia

Truck Carrying Alcohol Slams Into Monument Outside Novokuznetsk in Russia

Truck Carrying Alcohol Slams Into Monument Outside Novokuznetsk in Russia

At around 9:45 on August 2, 2018, an accident occurred at the entrance to Novokuznetsk, a city in Kemerovo Oblast in Siberia, Russia. The CCTV video of the incident shows a semi truck smash at full speed into a monument on the side of a highway. The driver was reportedly pulverized to such an extent, the bits of his body had to be extracted from the pile of rubble.

As the video shows, the cab of the truck was completely destroyed by the crash. The monument was also severely damaged, according to Russian media. The truck, it was reported, was carrying alcohol. What caused the driver to lose control of the truck is unknown.

Here’s the CCTV video of the accident. Props to Best Gore member @terminator_g:

And a video of the aftermath, showing unlucky workers having to clean up the mess of broken vodka and other booze bottles:

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    1. Occupational hazard, working with vodka.
      I fell asleep before the impact… but I have a feeling the driver is in bad shape or no shape at all, obliterated.

      Alcohol is good for you. Says the parasite capitalists

    1. i know, i still wonder about that, and how did those towers fall straight into their footprint, i thought that was a skilled thing to achieve according to those demolition experts

  1. My wife’s parents lived about a day’s drive from here. That would be today, with all the so-called road improvements.

    Nearly all of Russia’s roads and expressways are undivided, with some really fucked up intersections. This is one of the better ones, with a 20 cm curb and supplementary monument to stop cross-traffic.

    Novokuznetsk was called Stalinsk until the early 1960s. You can see how they punish driving violations in the video.

  2. Rotten fermented PoTa’Toes* will kill you!
    ‘Ask any Irishman’
    Dumb fuck Russian was out cold , never even tried the brakes or Jakes.
    & yeah if he was awake or not suicidal? , it would have been easy to steer left of that Giant Monument ???

  3. It looks very much like this driver either had a stuck throttle or no brakes. He steered to the left to avoid demolishing the car in front of them at the junction, which took him straight into the monument. If the car hadn’t been there then he could have steered slightly to the right, across the open area to the right of the monument and then into the open ground behind to roll to a stop eventually. That car driver should buy a lottery ticket as they had the luck to have a truck driver behind them who knew exactly what to do in that situation…
    Otherwise, that car was just gone, and the truck probably would have overturned into the junction and caused a pile-up claiming who knows how many lives, and very possibly an inferno too…

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