Truck Completely Mangles a Woman on a Scooter

Truck Completely Mangles a Woman on a Scooter

No real info on where this took place, but if I had to hazard a guess I’d say Thailand or maybe Indonesia as they have a huge propensity of bicycle, motorcycle, scooter and moped traffic mixing with very large trucks and shitty to non-existent traffic laws. Seems like a good choice. Anyway, we have some real brutality here, boys and girls. Woman was struck, knocked off of her scooter and summarily “processed” by the wheels of that big-ass truck. She is stretched and ripped all over that asphalt. I’ve heard of loose women, but damn.

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          1. Hey Obli:D! Great posts lately! What did the heart look like before-just curious…

            Hey btw, I’m glad I caught you here… I was reading real old posts and I was hoping you could answer a few things for me since I’m still fairly new-
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          2. hello. Vincit Omnia Veritas was the pen name of Mark Marek, the site’s creator. The fundraiser is long over and there has been talk of like and dislike buttons and notifying people when their comments are replied to but as of right now, things will remain as they are.

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  1. The article’s picture struck me. Because i have had this reoccurring deam (about 3 times) where im in the back of this jeep and im a freelance journalist and our guide tells us that apparently there was a genocide here and it was silenced for about 2 months and i remember in my dream that there were bodies everywhere! In the Ditch,yards,streets, ect and the ones in the ditch looked a lot like this women, that’s how mangled they were in my dream. Especially the head, only difference was that they were all starting to decay and rot and blend in with the scenery. Was distributing… And awesome.

      1. Awwww your so welcome hanabi. I meant every word.

        And im still going thru court for it but i know how the courts work round here so im pretty sure i can get off with probation and community hours coz iv got good arguments too. Go back to court on sept.10.

        I thought about you when i was in the court room tho ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I’ve heard the Thai truck massage is all the rage with women these days.

    You first get hit by the truck which acts like an instant botox injection completely paralysing the facial muscles and then the truck tires massage your skin back and forth whilst loosening up your joints.

    Those women who have experienced it swear by it………..before gurgling up blood and dieing.

  3. I wouldn’t wish that on my very worst enemy!
    I used to be real quick to jump on my (then) boyfriends Honda crotch rocket when I was 18-19. Neither of us with helmets and he’d go up to 130MPH on back roads! JUST STUPID. He knew a lil better than I, He was 26 and a well recognized correctional officer in Columbia County, Wisconsin. (Portage, Wisconsin- Jeffery Dahmer’s home & death place) I’d never rode before meeting him & haven’t since. I’ll be just 27 in December and after reading post after post hand over fist of this magnitude, I don’t believe I’d be able to get on another bike even with full body armor! ๐Ÿ™ its scary shit. And tbh, I don’t think i’d be able to just thinking about the horrific gore and body parts my daughter and family would be forced to bury. That’s traumatic to all involved. Some shit just isn’t unseeable.

    1. It’s no babble, baby. you’re words are like stars, i look up to them, they inspire me to live… to breath… Speak more, baby, a nostalgic fool like I cannot live.with out the echoing of your voice…
      shoot me up with your toxin, tie my legs and flog me.with your heart! At will! for it is your words whom inspire me to breath…

          1. lol, “Right foot goo” was supposed to rhyme with the old Twister commercial saying “Right foot blue”. I think the person needing words, was needing Baked’s words, not mine.

  4. Looks like she was shot from a cannon into a brick wall, smashed through it and slid on up the road, using flesh and blood to lubricate the slide. I wonder on a hot-ass day would the fleshy snail trails cook or sizzle a wee bit. Like a hannibal roadside bbq. She brought her own buns anyway. Could fashion whatever of them was left into a tortilla wrap.

  5. isn’t it crazy that pile of meat is technically “whole” but since it lacks a life pulse it is just a pile of meat. Like when you shred up a pizza, is it still aa pizza or is it the idea of it being aa pizza which makes it a pizza? you turn wood to paper and it is now a sheet of (potential) words! our own minds create the very things in front of us! we are GOD!
    Hell, we created god. The beauty of wholeness, nothingness and senses, it is grand

    1. When you cut a bagel in half, put some sauce and cheese on it, is it now a pizza? Are they two pizzas? Or is it neither a bagel nor a pizza? Why do people call them pizzabagels? Wasn’t it a bagel first? Isn’t it mostly bagel? Why isn’t it a bagelpizza? I’m confused.

  6. over in southeast asia its might makes right, and buses that will crush you are the boss and you get out of their way or you end up roadfill…everybody k knows it

  7. MUTILATIONS APART, World storm `comin… Am I the only “human” who would rather consider how the hell how us normal Bodies can possibly get past the over-enthralling prospect of vicious attacks upon ourselves…I know, Arm,now-ish, take Heads, and enjoy Tea at matter-time…. Then,if losing, join the inferior thoughtniks, before they KILL you…Germans,on the whole,before Europe interjected. Long and short, like Fashion, just repeat… Love flaired Jeans

  8. Well posted, Obli! That is indeed an epic smear! Scooters and other such cheaper modes of transportation are cute and all until they go up against the beasts of the roads. Her Moo 6 has seen better days. It might even take more than one rain storm to clean that up! :mrgreen:

          1. The Vetruvian Man ? I see where the Da Vinci idea comes from. I mean, who on earth has not seen that image !? Maybe an unknown, deeply hidden Brazilian rain forest dwelling tribe, but that’s about it.

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