Truck Driver Dies in a Collision with Tractor Trailer

Truck Driver Dies in a Collision with Tractor Trailer

A truck driver was crushed to death inside his own truck after a collision with a tractor trailer that lead to a multi vehicle pileup on the access road the port of Tampico in Ciudad Mante, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

The casualty was identified as Regino Flores Pérez. The impact fractured his skull and ejected a chunk of brain matter. Other drivers got out with non life threatening injuries.

One of the trucks transported raw, unprocessed, whole chickens and that’s just the truck that overturned, resulting in all the chicken meat getting spilled over the highway. Must have been a feast for stray dogs. I don’t actually mean to call the Mexicans that.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Truck Driver Dies in a Collision with Tractor Trailer”

  1. A dead man surrounded by dead chickens does evoke a sense of reality in that both are just meat without life, they both have the same status and worth in death and yet whilst alive both had very different statuses.

    We human beings like to separate life into categories, be it the consumed and the consumers, the food chain, farmed animals and/or domestic animals.

    When you look closely at it we, the working class, are treated like farmed animals by the rich ruling class, we are there to work to we drop for very little money so that the rich can get richer, in a sense we are also consumed.

    It is odd then that we view ourselves as better than other animals merely because we have, supposedly, an higher level of functionality.

    When we see the more destructive side of our fellow human beings we are quick to label them beasts, animals and why?, do we do it to separate them from ourselves because to accept them as the same would cause us to re-evaluate our own identity? or is it because we just like to categorise things?.

    Anyhow, I’m stoned at the moment so please just ignore my, as usual, complete and utter, irreverent shit talking nonsense.

      1. @Juicy, Thanks, sadly however my own way of thinking tends to confuse people at times and it can annoy others.

        I like to try and understand the reason for why things are the way they are and sometimes for example when I am trying to establish the motivation and reasons for a murderers actions people come to the conclusion that I am trying to apologise for the murderers actions, that I am making excuses for them when in reality I am merely trying to build a picture from a jigsaw puzzle.

        I tend to tone myself down quite a bit on here because in reality my mind races from one idea to the next and I think very fast therefore I can at times write how I think and that can cause major confusion issues.

        Its sad that my true self tends to be misunderstood and hated but then that is life and we all have to wear mask in front of others to survive.

        1. @empty- you’re in good company then. Not only do i understand but I’m usually intrigued by the way you can get my mind to spin a little more. To think of what i hadn’t thought of. That’s refreshing since most people can’t do that. Who cares what the other people think! Sometimes people just can’t wrap their fingers or minds around that of which they can’t understand. I love that you see a bigger picture. You my friend are the kind of peeps that i like to hang with! Not many can stimulate my forever curious and constantly spinning psyche! 🙂

        2. Thanks guys.

          A person who is loved by everyone is a deceiver, a person who is hated by everyone is a destroyer and a person who is loved and hated in equal measures is a decent human being.

          Then again, Adolf Hitler was loved and hated in equal measures so I may be wrong on this one.

          1. @Empty, I too am a fan of your post and there maybe something wrong with me but I get everything you write about and very much enjoy reading your insight!

    1. @Empty Soul, I understand exactly what you are saying. I often stare into my cat’s eyes and I’d swear we were making a mental connection and at that moment it feels like we are communicating in thought as though we were equals…and then the bitch bites me and runs away.
      The difference between us and them is that we don’t lick our asses clean…at least most of us don’t.

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