Truck Driver Dies in an Accident – Yes, This Time it’s the Truck Driver

Truck Driver Dies in an Accident - Yes, This Time it's the Truck Driver

A truck driver dead after traffic accident? Damn, that’s a first! I say it’s just about time. Truck drivers always seem to get out without a broken bone when two vehicles collide, but not this one. Rear ending another heavy duty truck is bound to leave a mark.

In this particular case I tend to think that if it wasn’t a truck that rear ended that other truck, but a small passenger vehicle, the driver could have lived. The point of impact seems high enough to only crush the roof of a small car. All it would take is to bow down to save oneselves from getting obliterated in such case. Or am I completely wrong here? What do you think?

Gallery of a two truck accident with one truck driver dead is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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11 thoughts on “Truck Driver Dies in an Accident – Yes, This Time it’s the Truck Driver”

  1. Dang. Squshed like a bug.
    I can TOTALLY understand how this accident could happen. I mean, after all, the truck he hit was SO SMALL, it’s easy to overlook it. 🙂

    The thing is… How Fast was this guy going? crushing that kind of truck, to that extent, takes more than just normal speeds. Can you imagine what would have happened to a car or BICYCLE if he had them them going that fast? MANNNNN! Come to think of it, I LIKE IMAGINING what that would look like. 😉

  2. Pull up photo #4 go in close. Look at how crunched this guyis. His leg and foot are turned at an impossible angle. It looks like some kind of metal sheet is shoved into his belly. Kinda looks like small shovel.

    I still can’t believe how totally crushed this Huge Truck is. This is real steel, not plastic like most cars are. he had to be travelling at a wicked speed.

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