Truck Driver Films Long Smear Connecting Mangled Body Parts of Crushed Motorcyclist

Truck Driver Films Long Smear Connecting Mangled Body Parts of Crushed Motorcyclist

A truck driver passing by a fatal traffic accident filmed the long smear that was left on the road between the victim’s mangled upper and lower bodies.

The victim appears to be a motorcyclist who apparently fell under the wheels of another truck. It took a distance for the truck to come to a stop on the highway, and by that time the lane was painted with the extraordinary long strip of blood.

58 thoughts on “Truck Driver Films Long Smear Connecting Mangled Body Parts of Crushed Motorcyclist”

    1. I was waiting to see the legs like, “wait for it….wait for it….waaaaaait for-there they are!” And busted up laughing.

      These videos really make my day. Am I a sick person?? O watch them at work (as a security guard) and I feel maybe it’s totally unethical… XD

          1. @LulusRevenge. It’s very likely that if you watch gore, you are a Psychopath.
            Most psychopaths are male, not female, and one of the defining traits is lack of empathy and calmness in looking at blood and guts without revulsion (for normal persons, it causes higher blood pressure and distress, but with us, it makes us calmer).

            Yes, you are indeed one sick bitch without a shadow of doubt, using up valuable employer’s time satisfying your ‘fix’ for gore instead of working.

            I’m a senior accountant in charge of a group of juniors, whom I have trained very well and who do all the work (whilst I take all the bonus) so that I can log into Best Gore now and again and stare at sick stuff.

  1. Shit, I was like…………WTF………….???
    That is the longest smear on Best Gore ever.

    If I was him and still alive (I don’t think he is, btw), I’d be like “Kill me. Kill me now! I don’t wanna live. I have no legs to walk with or stand on. I can never do the things I love like swimming, running, driving, skiing again….but most importantly, I do not even have a dick anymore. Kill me now!!!!!”

  2. Ha,ha! Notice that as soon as he gets to the upper body half, the truck speeds, the fuck up? Then,,, after the top half, his mind says,,,Enough of this shit,,, me the Fuck outta here! 🙂

    1. Well, first you want to put him back together, that way you can have some sort of before and after photo, next you flip both pieces over and take more photos, then send all the photos here 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness!!! Thank God he was wearing his helmet! He could have had one hell of a head injury… pffffffewwww that was close! (Fuck wearing a helmet. If I get hit like that the last thing I want is that last few minutes of seeing my cock 4 feet away while trying to hold my intestines in. Or worse…..being a burden on my family for 30 or more years with severe brain damage and the memory of a goldfish.)

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