This Truck Driver Is Too Big a Liability for His Employer

This Truck Driver Is Too Big a Liability for His Employer

That semi truck drivers are arrogant pricks is a given. Just about everything else on the road is smaller than them so they drive without any regards for other traffic participants. But you’d think that since their livelihood depends on safely getting to and from their intended destinations, they wouldn’t take stupid risks, like driving up a curve so fast they’d risk flipping the truck.

Truck drivers who don’t understand that, are a liability to their employers and bound to cause financial loss sooner or later. One of them was caught on a dashcam as seen in the video below. Idiot definitely did not drive at a safe speed and paid for it by flipping the truck on the side, damaging not only the truck, but likely also the cargo in the trailer. I guess he’s fired.

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58 thoughts on “This Truck Driver Is Too Big a Liability for His Employer”

    1. I don’t lick lizards, but I lick toads. Last week i licked a toad so good it shed its fur all over my agnostic ottoman leg rest.
      Truck drivers have a stressful life though, it’s not easy transporting 2 tons of cocaine from McAllen to chicago.
      (You organic chemist avoid ground shipment of P or A- anhydride, always use air freight)

  1. @ Mark not all truckers drive like they got pencil dicks.Ok, the ones on meth do, but it is a dangerous occupation. I had 3 buddies BURN to death. EVERYBODY needs to chill out and pay audntion when on the road.

  2. The sign says “warning curve ahead 55 mph”. He was going too fast to see it. If that sign was intended for big rigs it should have been posted sooner, allow for gear reduction. But then again this dude was truckin pretty fast anyway. Fuck him

  3. On the one side, all the kids want to have plenty of iPads and Pokymans to play with for christmas and truck drivers are under a lot of pressure to keep the sheep happy consuming massive amounts of bullshit media and on the other side you’d think that truck drivers (who spend an awful lot of time on the road) should know better how to drive safely.

    In many countries, semi trucks are generally not allowed in the left lane as it is a passing lane only while semis also are not allowed to go faster than 45mph (or in that ballpark) to prevent catastrophic damage in case of rear ending a traffic jam etc.

    However, folks all over the world have just too much fun ignoring safety rules and traffic laws thinking it’s a good deal of fun (as long as you survive it to tell your dumbass friends about it…).

    Now here I am, not only having to worry about my own driving and minding my surroundings – I also have to try to predict which semi-truck-driving-asshole might forget to put on the blinker or decides to just change lanes without looking, not to mention that here in the US 18-wheelers that carry gasoline or other explosive of highly flammable liquids are easily going 70mph or more on the interstate.

    (Most) people are just dumb as bricks – no wonder they turn into sheep.

  4. He was deffinitely trying to play catch-up with that pickup truck.
    What a fucking dumbass.

    Someone a few miles away had a truck of Adirondack brand soda tip over on the road and spill into his yard. The driver gets out and thanked the homeowner for helping him pick up what cases of soda were still good. The homeowner replied “What are you talking about? This soda is on my property, I’m keeping it.”

      1. ThaDRIP,

        I have long forgotten about that. Past is past.
        If you don’t like truckers there is not much I can do about it. I cannot control what other drivers do so you have a right to your opinions.
        I just do the best that I can do and drive in as safe and respectable manner as possible. I’m not in any way perfect but I try to be.

  5. Truckers tailgate me all the time. I have a tiny car that weights under 1800lbs. It’s nerve-racking.

    Truckers and people who drive big pick-up trucks are all the same. They have to make themselves feel superior by tailgating the smallest car they can find because of their extreme insecurities. Where I live every tiny-dicked faggot drives an American pick-up as a daily driver, and never hauls anything.

    1. Luna, hope Sandy wasn’t too much of a pain in the ass for you. Was worried about you when she hit NY and NJ. Glad to see that you’er alright.

      What you say is true but I do agree with many here on BG that there are way too many Dipshits driving big trucks. I know, I see it every time I go out on the road. Most of them are from Eastern Europe or Asia and are giving the rest of us good drivers a bad name. These Morons think they can drive just like they did in their own country and this mentality is causing a lot of problems here in the states.
      Most of us good drivers are from the old school long before these Jackasses came over to rune it for our industry.

      Too much to write here about all the BS going on within the trucking industry as of late. And…..last but not least….Thank You Luna for your sentiments.

      From your friendly neighborhood trucker: TheBoatman.

  6. The truck driver was speeding like he was being chased by the cops slow the fuck down on the curves. Yeah im pretty sure the employer fired his ass. Good thing the driver only hurt himself instead of taking out other cars too.

  7. wow and i just love how the cam dude is just going on with it unable to see reminds me of when a brig a while back went out on the top of it and no one could see over it and a lot of people just drove to there death and then when some people was stopping this one smart ass drives around every one and drives off still bad but i had to laugh XD

  8. Mark , below is what I got off of LL about this rollover-

    Fatality rollover on Donner Pass In Ca
    Thursday, September 18, 2008
    News: Big Rig rollover captured on video

    Footage of a double fatal big rig accident which Cal Fire crews worked Monday near Colfax captured by Wal – Mart truck on-board video recorder…The driver of big rig had only had his license for nine days…

    Big Rig Rollover – Second victim pulled from Colfax big rig wreckage
    By Jenna Nielsen, Journal Staff Writer

    The body of a co-driver was extricated this morning by Cal Fire crews at the scene of Monday’s big rig rollover crash near Colfax.
    The body of a second man was found underneath debris Tuesday morning at the accident site of a big rig rollover near Colfax Monday, officials reported.
    The man, whose name is not being released pending notification of his family, was reportedly a passenger in the big rig, which rolled into a guard rail spilling its load of recycled plastic down the embankment near the Magra Road exit on westbound Interstate 80, California Highway Patrol officials reported.
    The driver, who was trapped inside of the trucks cab and was also killed in the accident, was reportedly going 70 mph and passing another truck in the fast lane when he lost control and slid down an embankment, said CHP Officer Rich Ruiz.
    This morning, as the investigator was going over log books, (it was) determined there was possibly a co-driver involved, Ruiz said.
    Ruiz said investigators also have video footage of the accident, recorded by a device on a Wal-Mart truck, which the driver of the big rig was passing at the time of the accident.
    The driver of the Wal-Mart truck was doing 55 mph, so we estimate the driver (of the big rig) was going 70 mph when he approached a curve and lost control. You see in the video the trailer starts to fishtail. When the driver tries to correct, he is sent over the guardrail.
    Battalion Chief Jeff Brand of Cal Fire said crews located the co-driver under the debris and extricated him this morning.
    Brand said when the truck was overturned, the cab was torn off and wedged beneath the contents of the trailer and the trailer itself.
    All westbound lanes were closed as a result of the accident, which occurred at approximately 2:30 p.m. All lanes were opened by approximately 7:45 p.m., California Highway Patrol officials said.
    Ruiz said the driver of big rig had only had his license for nine days.

  9. To tell you the truth it’s most of you damn 4 wheelers that causes most of the accidents. I’ll bet money that he lost his brakes. They heat up and start to glaze up and stopping is impossible and the only thing you can do is pick the easiest route.

    1. @killbilly1983,

      Although you’er right about 4-wheelers causing a lot of accidents between them and big trucks the case above had nothing to do with lost of break function and every thing to do with a very inexperienced driver that was not being properly monitored by his co-driver.
      This driver only had NINE days behind the wheel. Who knows how much experience his co-driver had. Never could find that out so he may have not had much experience ether. This driver took that turn way to fast and the end result is clear – Rollover.
      As a veteran of 17 years I can tell you that Donner Pass going West bound is not for some inexperience driver with only nine days under his belt. The descent is well over 12 miles long and is very curvy in several places and also has 6 to 6.5% grades. Had this idiot not flipped over where he did he would have wrecked somewhere else along the way before he even got to the bottom.
      For this driver, it was his First and Last load he’ll ever haul.

  10. Just a couple of quick things. Not all truckers are arrogant pricks, a lot of these new rookie CDL steeringwheel holders are and sadly there is a lot more of those then actual truckers.
    And second this is actually a somewhat sad/messed up story, this accident happened on donner pass, the driver was a rookie in training and his trainer was in the sleeper berth resting up, and well we see the result of that and it killed both driver and trainer. There is a couple of videos that show the aftermath and what’s left of the truck. Accident scene was so bad it took two days to find the trainer.
    Kinda sucks when you think about it, because of one mistake caused a chain reaction that killed two people both of which had familes to go home too. Oh well that’s life.

  11. Hello. I know im a couple of years behind. But, when I was in truck driving school they showed videos of horrendous accidents. This was one of them. The story I got from my instructor was the the individual driving this particular truck was still a student driver, and his instructor was asleep in the camper. Aaaaaannd, you see the results. Is the story true? I do not know. Was the student driver being reckless? Pretty much, yeah. But, still. He was still training. And, the instructor should’ve been awake in the passenger seat. Thanks. Love the page.

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