Truck Driver Mows Down a Crowd Killing Many in Ukraine (video)

Truck Driver Mows Down a Crowd Killing Many in Ukraine (video)

People got off the tram in Kharkiv, Ukraine, speeding Mitsubishi truck driven by drunk driver came out of nowhere and ploughed right into them, mowing bunch of them down, killing most of those it hit.

The body that’s trapped underneath the truck is that of a child. It’s a little girl whose life ended that day. From what the video shows, it appears that 5 people were killed with one more hit but still alive at time of filming, but a report on a Ukrainian site suggests that a total of 6 people died in an accident, including two children – one 5 and one 12 year old. Two more ended up in a hospital with injuries, but survived. Carnage! Video below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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26 thoughts on “Truck Driver Mows Down a Crowd Killing Many in Ukraine (video)”

  1. Nyet- Was not whisky… was Russian Wadka.
    Nice bit of footage here. Limbs torn off, heads crushed with brain matter scattered around, crumpled bodies in various positions and that kid with the injury over his left eye near the end… walking around in shock. Probably some of his family were scattered about in pieces. In Total shock.

    They should just put a .45 behind the left ear of the drunk that destroyed so many lives.

  2. It’s Deadpool not DeadPool.

    I’m sure they still spell it right. Plus, wadka is a term when referring to someone hiding vodka in a water bottle, which I’m sure this guy was too drunk to even think of.

  3. personally I would kill that fucking driver with my bare hands which shouldn’t be a problem as he was drunk like shit killing 5 people while driving car drunk is NOT a accident its fucking murder

    1. I was thinking the same. I would beat this motherfucker sober. I HATE drunk drivers. Go be fucked up alone. But to go on the road and fuck up the lives of innocent people? AND children??? Makes me so fucking angry. I’d come back from the dead to haunt the shit out of him.

  4. Not be overly critical of that plan, but seriously…how much gore can you generate win your “bare hands”? Please consider using a claw hammer and blowtorch. Don’t forget the contractor gloves; and please, kids, remember to take lots of hi def pics for your buds here!

  5. can never get used to the fact that so many people are casually standing there watching the dead people and stuff and someone walking around casualy filming it all.

    always think thats kindoff weird I think I would get yelled at if i would film people who where just overrun by someone :O

  6. Pretty sure the guy filming wasn’t just a random pedestrian, probably a police officer or paramedic documenting the scene, or something along those lines. He sounded pretty distraught by the way he was sighing and talking.
    I’m actually surprised to not see a “In soviet Russia..” comment yet.
    By the way, is anyone else feeling hungry after seeing the McDonald’s in the background?

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