Truck Driver Rams Cyclist and Pushes Him Off Overpass in Colombia

Truck Driver Rams Cyclist and Pushes Him Off Overpass in Colombia

Truck Driver Rams Cyclist and Pushes Him Off Overpass in Colombia

CCTV video from Colombia shows a box truck driver ramming a cyclist, pushing him to his death off the overpass. Meanwhile, the driver carries on driving to flee the scene.

Best Gore member @colombian666 notes:

In Colombia there is a very bad road culture. By law cyclists can travel on the road, but due to the constant confrontations between drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists, there are malicious people who run over or intentionally harass cyclists and motorcyclists. It is likely that the driver pushed this cyclist on purpose.

It was confirmed that the cyclist is dead and the driver was captured, but later released because he was not caught in flagrante delicto. But he’s still subject to the judicial process.

Many thanks for the video and your thoughts, @colombian666:

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            “WAAAAAHHHH!! I’ve been here for 10 years!!”

        1. Either that or… everyone had motorcycles and he had a moped! Move bitch get out the way!!!! Splat! I get tempted when I see mini k class cars trying to do 60 on the freeway! I got a v-6 lol and at least I can keep up when I merge into traffic…

    1. I hate bicyclists and my road is famous for them. Every asshole pedal pusher wants to climb it due to the 2000′ elevation change in a four mile span. Of course if you are going up hill to the store there is five idiots blocking your way on a one lane road and if you’re lucky enough one doesn’t slam into your truck doing 40mph down hill. Fuck them, you want to exercise do it at home or find a road that has a bike lane.

      1. @TheCaptain
        You & I Both hate bicyclists, as they think that they own the fucking road. And the fact that Cops watch them ride through red lights, stop signs, and Never,,, Ever pull them over, and ticket them makes me livid, and really piss me off.

        Bicyclists are supposed to get off of their bikes at every light whether it is green or red, and walk their bikes across when green only. And the same applies for stop signs, but you never Ever see them do so.

        Yet if you hit a biker whether he was breaking the law, or not,,, you are still “Always” in the wrong. FUCKERS! 🙁

    1. In my hometown, the state puts up “Bicycle Route” signs everywhere. However, our country is too fricken’ broke, to make the lanes wide enough to accompany them. A good percentage of them, ride in the lane designated for drivers. Meanwhile, the motorists are tailgated you from behind, putting you at risk.

      With this kind of logic, who needs stupidity?

    2. My wife’s hometown in northeast Ohio has quite a few secondary roadways with signed and marked bicycle privileges. Some of these bikers can maintain an excellent pace, but they stay right-of-center and everyone gets along.

      Challenging a truck in the wrong lane appears to be self-correcting in Colombia.

      1. Happy to see the layout is favorable for bicyclists in your wife’s hometown. Yes, the keyword is “marked.” Many of the roads here, do not have the necessary width, to handle both the motorists and cyclists.

        In the more expensive and developing neighborhoods you do. Especially around major colleges. I think the zoning rights are drawn up for non motorized traffic, before the actual construction plans begin. These lanes are wide and separate, well off the beaten path of the roads and highways.

        Unfortunately, many of the side roads here suck, and are in need of major repair. Not only are the roads too narrow for bicyclists, but the edge of the roads are washed out, making it unsafe for passing, or safely staying right of center.

        …and speaking of signs

        In my town, the state has put up signs reading, “This is a Storm Ready Town.” They blow the air raid sirens AT LEAST, twice a day. Sometimes more.

        I guess it’s far cheaper and easier to convince the masses, that big brother will keep you safe, while you pay a mechanic for another front end alignment and a new set of tires.

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  3. So because a cop didn’t catch him in the act he got released? Dd they have the tape when he was let go until they charge him again? I know it’s columbia and all, but they had a body and proof he did it, and that wasn’t enough to hold him? Because if that was me, the idea of some prison time in that country would be enough to make me do whatever I can to jet out of that country the same day they cut me loose.

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