Truck in Ecuador Runs Over Bicyclist, Pancakes His Head

Truck in Ecuador Runs Over Bicyclist, Pancakes His Head

Truck in Ecuador Runs Over Bicyclist, Pancakes His Head

In the city of Milagro in Ecuador, a bicyclist was run over by a truck. The instant death encounter left the biker with pancaked head on the road.

There seems to be a part of brain matter that was spat out a distance from the biker’s pre-graveyard resting place.

Props to Best Gore member @impiacopetona for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. yep it could well catch on, there are many volunteers around. My problem is i could never know when a work is finished, you know, i was always going back to it and touching it up. Ruins everything.

  1. Transcarpemil SA, hahaha, now I remember, I saw that cartage company hauling shit along the 15 in Mexico’s federal district in 2000-02. Those fucked up day cabs (wtf) with the blue stars on the ass end, those truckers have to be holding pistols overnight while passed out and shoehorned into the front seats.

    Bikers beware! Sleepy Hondurans hauling ass!

  2. Yet more proof that when warm, brains take liquid form… When I first started coming here as a young, inexperienced viewer of gore I used to think that brains were like bouncy rubber balls… What a noob I was…

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