Truck Gooses Old Lady

Truck Gooses Old Lady

Not sure about locale.

May 4th, of this year CCTV captures an old lady crossing from one truck passenger vehicle in front of another. She is goosed and rolls under the large hood, given a soft riding. She gives a second go around with life.

It appears she survives her concrete burns. At one point it seems the driver speeds up on purpose. Perhaps, he sees she needs a good rear ending, like a battering ram.

42 thoughts on “Truck Gooses Old Lady”

  1. That’s the magic moment when the asphalt turns into sanding paper and your skin keeps sticking to it.

    She’s lucky her head wasn’t turned into heinz ketchup but that shit must still hurt a lot.

    1. Your mothers story would be better. It would take a cargo ship to goose her fat ass!
      Mmmm-mmmm! Ima knock off early and go home and eat that ass…or at least part of it.

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  3. Knocked down hard ,but not a hair of hers got bent .
    The only nagging problem here on the scene is who’s gonna buy a her pair of large panties that went seamless by that awful drag .
    I think it must rest upon the bus driver who went blind seeing the old hag do Hoochie coochie for a wee while .

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