Truck Keeps on Driving with Bike Jammed Under It – Two People Died

Truck Keeps on Driving with Bike Jammed Under It - Two People Died

Two people reportedly died when a motorcycle was struck by a truck that kept on driving with the bike jammed under its bumper.

The incident took place at Satyapir, on the Thakurgaon – Dinajpur road in Bangladesh on Saturday January 13, 2018.

According to the police, a speeding truck knocked down an auto-rickshaw, prompting the pedestrians and bikers to chase after the truck, which in turn prompted the driver to accelerate and flee from the scene.

It wasn’t until Khonchabari, nearly eight kilometers away from the spot of the original accident, where locals succeeded in bringing the truck to a stop and delivering the beating to the driver.

Props to Best Gore member @punisher1911 for the video:

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69 thoughts on “Truck Keeps on Driving with Bike Jammed Under It – Two People Died”

    1. I saw nothing but motorbikes. The piece of raghead shit inhaled by the truck was no motorcycle. The Muzzy deputies weren’t pursuing on mopeds, which can’t outrace a 10-speed bike in 4th fucking gear.

      The entire sequence is fucked up in true East Paki style. The truck driver scored a 10/10 on those two faggots that were impeding traffic and had the green to go from metal sparks to smoking skull flesh to free cruising onward to the delivery point. The gear jammer then gets weary of the faggot parade and chickens out. And then all he gets is a good ass kicking. Give me a break.

      At least the video was funny. I watched it more than once. Kudos to the Punisher.

  1. These fucken cowboys again. Drive like fucken cowboys, shoot like fucken cowboys.flee like fucken cowboys. Perhaps they also fuck like fucken cowboys. (All respects to the sacred cow of coarse)

  2. Imagine if one of those motorists was still alive, barely alive on impact. With still a slim chance.
    Well after being dragged for miles sparks flying everywhere, he most certainly is not anymore!

    I’d like to know what went through the trucker’s mind as he sped off, dragging the wreckage.
    Probably “Oh shit. I’ve just fucked up my life. I’m such a cunt! Uh-oh, better run for it!”

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