Truck Overturns, Brazilian Death Cheer Team Turns to Looting

Truck Overturns, Brazilian Death Cheer Team Turns to Looting

You know how each time death happens in Brazil (which is a lot), how no matter how remote and desolate a place it happened in, how there’s always a crowd of flip flop wearing locals that come out of the woodwork to gawk? I call them the Brazilian Death Cheer Team because they’re always there when death happens, always there like blonde bimbo cheerleaders at each game of their handegg team. You just expect them to go “Give Me a Y!” at any given moment…

It looks like a truck transporting bottled beverages overturned in some random location in Brazil, and it got swarmed by Brazilian Death Cheer Team like spat out chewing gum by ants. And they just looted the shit out of the cargo like it was the last day on Earth.

It reminded me a lot of the behavior of Gypsies from Eastern Europe who don’t care if they can use it or not, if it’s stealable, they’re gonna steal it. End of story.

BTW, was it beer the truck was transporting? That would somewhat explain the looting frenzy:

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25 thoughts on “Truck Overturns, Brazilian Death Cheer Team Turns to Looting”

    1. Not to defend Brazilians, but at least in this case they seem to be no violence and they are pretty much collaborating with each other if you take a patient look. c’mon if you had that chance you would at least grab a can and drink it there while watching everyone go crazy lol So I got to disagree with “Brazilian Death Cheer Team” as it’s not the case here. That line should have belong rather on the Black riot at Chicago post now THAT seems more fitting that line.

  1. Makes one wonder when will they begin causing vehicles to crash so they can loot it.
    They look somewhat organized anyway. Don’t see any fights breaking out when you have greedy people. Can’t say I wouldn’t do they same if I were there.

  2. Well, when this kinda shit goes down, the cockroaches have to do their thing. You know, pillage. That’s how they are wired.

    Funny that there is electricity to charge batteries in this “town” for cameras.

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