Truck Runs Over Dad and Son on Scooter in China

Truck Runs Over Dad and Son on Scooter in China

Truck Runs Over Dad and Son on Scooter in China

In China, a dad is riding a motorized bike of sorts on a road with his son; the dad rides bitch seat.

A large truck is stopped before the intersection. The dad assumes he is in the clear to pass in front of the large truck but indeed he is not.

The CCTV footage captures the moment of impact that skids the motorized bike under its wheels taking the duo for a ride.

Movement from the young one suggests he lives to breathe another day. It is not certain what has become of the bitch seat rider.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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    1. @thedre …..Luckily the son of a gun is trying hard to kick start the bike lying down as ya can see he’s at it ; but the bike is gone zulu . Looks like the dad was driven along sandwiched to the tyres and he ain’t coming back or returning home .
      How dumb fucking ass ; one can be in trying to squeeze through a narrow gully to save time that too right infront of a revved up monster any moment .at the ready .

          1. Well my friend you could very well be right, as he is creation, and life itself which is like what we are also made-of. And i say this cause we have electrical energy inside all of us, that if we did not have would be dead. Well,,, not dead but moved-on to another realm of our beautiful word, cause energy (Never,,, EVER Dies) it simply moves-on, (our souls) and morphs enters some other body, or realm. 🙂

  1. The dad was just a retarded faggot in a hurry to arrive home and suck his boyfriend cock. Poor kid, if he survivededed, he will probably be glad that he won’t have to tolerate that asshole as a father anymore

  2. On the bright side, the kid learned how not to ride a bike. Being Chinese, that’s probably a valuable lesson.

    And on a side note, the scumbag motherfuckers attacking BG need to fuck off and die already.

    1. I am disappointed, what no don’t wok jokes?

      I should have been more suspicious when the Chinese guy offered to “wok my dog for me”

      My wife gave me some bad news today
      “But,” she said, “I bought your favorite soy sauce to help cheer you up.”

      “Great,” I said. “Just Kikkoman when he’s down, huh?”
      I’m very soy for that pun. I’ll just wok away now.

      What’s the hardest part about stir-frying vegetables?
      You’re gonna need a hell of a big wok to fit a wheelchair.

  3. Just think 20 years ago that same man would of been peddling one of those Chinese bikes with his rice fields hat on and dressed all in black. But thanks to American companies that used American taxpayer money to get their start. (Traitorous) The chinks are now getting all of their technology from the likes of google , Facebook, and countless others American companies That now line this gooks pocketbook with stolen tech cash so that he needs to no longer peddle that bike. And even though he just throttles his stupid ass into traffic my point is this China has come a long way since it started stealing our technologies. AMERICA NEEDS TO BE THAT TRUCK AGAIN! AND RUN THOSE EVIL BASTARDS OVER WHEN CHINA GETS IN OUR WAY.

          1. I couldn’t see the image. I keep getting you are a robot messages. Hahaha!

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  4. It looks likes papa-san was badly mashed and mushed. In the last frame his legs and pelvis appear to be still on the mangled scooter, with what looks like his head, or maybe just his face, mashed into what remains of his pelvis. Arms and torso nowhere to be seen. Shame the picture ain’t better.

  5. These yellow divests should have waited to be killed in April in the uprising against the regime in order to add to the toll of heroes.
    Aren´t brits doing their job properly?

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