Truck Runs Over and Smears Motorcyclist on the Road

Truck Run Over and Smears Motorcyclist on the Road

In keeping up with the “good old gore classics” video series, here’s what’s easily the most brutal traffic accident caught on video of all time. Being a gore classic, most will have already seen it, but since there are many newcomers among us, it needs to be shared.

The accident happened in Taiwan, even though it is often mistakenly reported to have taken place in China. Taiwan is sort of under Chinese control, but they like to think of themselves as a sovereign country and have their own passports (kind of like Hong Kong) so we’re gonna treat them as such. Back to the accident:

Nothing beats running a man over consecutively with several sets of semi truck wheels only to lock brakes as he gets lodged under the last set so he can be entirely smeared on the road. At one point, this man was riding his motorcycle and next thing you know, he’s a bloody slurpie spilled on the road. ANd it was all caught on a CCTV camera.

When it comes to tractor trailers, it doesn’t take much to squish a human like a bug and this video proves it in the most horrific way imaginable. If there is a video that embodies word “Brutal” with capital fucking B, it’s this one hands down. This fellow won’t even pass for an organ donor anymore.

I’m pretty sure the motorcyclist was dead upon first rollover, the rest just added insult to injury. Truck driver showed a great deal of ignorance (truck drivers seem to be that way all over the world, don’t they?) and bears much responsibility for this tragic accident. The motorcyclist also stayed too oblivious to dangers lurking around at all times on Asian roads and should not have anticipated that everyone else will be careful driving around him, especially upon entering the truck’s blind spot. Truck driver would have likely be charged with manslaughter at the least if this happened in a Western country.

The skid mark from hell truck over motorcyclist video that never gets old is below. There are many people I need to thank for this video, though I can’t recall all of you so if you were one of those who sent it to me, please come forward so I can give you credit:

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98 thoughts on “Truck Runs Over and Smears Motorcyclist on the Road”

    1. Damn that truck came Up to him too fucking fast It must’ve been some gruesome sight in your rear view mirror wow I don’t know but I figured a helmet is no match for the weight of that semi…. unless maybe CB helmet???…fucking chinese….Lol..

  1. Actually the follow up report stated that the guy only spent one night in the hospital after this accident …

    What? I’m serious! Wink * Wink* the funeral home came for his leftovers the very next morning! I didn’t lie!

  2. minus the motorcycle; Ive seen this happen before.
    It was at the Cemetery, this old woman was leaving after visiting her dead husband. She was 2 meters off Arbour Memorial property so we didn’t get sued, but the lady got dragged under the monument truck (18 wheeler, flat bed, massive crane arm).
    All up on the street. fucking mess.
    …Ironically she owned a plot at our cememtery next to her husband.. we burried her the next week.

    The monument was beautiful, however. An angel draped over a heart.

  3. Does someone know if the bike is ok? Can it be repainted? 🙂 on a more serious note…ouch! The way people drive in there in China is marginally better than what you see in Brazil. And in Brazil you have tons of bikes, one wonders how often that happens in the goreland!

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