Trucker Using Facebook Crashes Into Police Cars, Kills Officer in Arizona

Trucker Using Facebook Crashes Into Police Cars, Kills Officer in Arizona

A trucker driving down Arizona Interstate 8 in Yuma County at speeds in excess of 100 km/h was using his Samsung Galaxy 3 smartphone to look at pictures of scantily clad women on Facebook, and crashed into three police cars and two police trucks, killing one police officer. The May 6, 2013 incident was captured on the truck’s dashcam.

Arizona Department of Public Safety officer Tim Huffman was killed. The truck driver – Jorge Espinoza has been charged with second-degree murder. He originally told police he didn’t see the police cars because he was monitoring a passing truck in his mirror and insisted he never uses his phone while driving because it is against company policy. Nice try. He also destroyed his employer’s new semi tractor and trailer.

Cops examined his phone and found evidence there that at the time of the crash, he was looking at photographs of women on Facebook.

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      1. Reminds me of the time I worked with this cleaning company them bastards made me drive a yellow beat up piece of crap van the battery was dying and when i stepped on the gas it wouldn’t even haul ass xD to make things even more funnier I passed by a high school put on the beaner radio station up loud and was watching a little best gore while driving ^__^ I loves multi tasking < 3

        1. Good thing the company van didnt have the phone number on the side or else they would have called the company and fires my ass because I stopped on a red light I front of a high school them kids *girls* started laughing and making fun of me, so to show them that I wasn’t a square ass motherfucker I burnt out in front of them and barely hauled ass ^o^

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          5. You have just got to love americans. Some poor guy gets killed for nothing more than doing his job and all you can comment about is grammar. We all enjoy a bit of gore and live life for fun, but lets also have a little respect for those that are dying whilst we chuckle.

          1. My fb has been deactivated for 3 years now. I’ve never made or even know how to use twitter. I only used skype with family and past relationships. I might sound pretty boring but I’m not haha.

    1. Facebook and all who indulge in it are lacking the social skills to converse with those in front of them and so instead they substitute a computer screen. It makes it easier for activities such as making new friends, hitting on females, and verbally attacking others.

  1. Woooo! Check out latitude/truck vertical on impact. Tyco got ups. No reason 1st cop car shoulda parked like that on road and no lights. Murphy’s law careened him into that second car. Crazy

    1. I am pretty sure he put that wallet there to specifically block the camera from recording his phone while driving activities. What an ASSHOLE. People who text or use their phone will driving are assholes in the same way people who drink and drive are assholes. MAJOR ASSHOLES.

    1. I was thinking that too. The guy has become complacent while driving probably thought nothing would happen to him. The nice hotel he is going to spend the next 30 – 40 years in will have all the facebook and women he wants – in his dreams!

      RIP to the cop he killed.

  2. Jewbook is evil..cops are evil..them both out……by the way I’m just joking rip cops this guys a piece of shit..keep your eyes on the road or end up taking other guys loads all over your this guy..have fun..

    1. Not that anyone cares, but most prison rape is committed by the STAFF of prisons not the inmates. Check out The guards get away with raping the inmates. So I find it disturbing when people make off the cuff remarks about prison rape. Maybe you will get lucky, end up in prison for pot or something a person shouldn’t be in prison for, and find yourself getting raped by the guard. Maybe it wouldn’t be so amusing anymore.

  3. Not fair. The driver should not be charged with second-degree murder. Here’s why:
    1. The policeman should have never stopped his car in the middle of the road.

    2. The video does not show the driver using his cellphone. Conclusion: The cops probably made up the story that at the time of the crash, the driver was looking at photographs of women on Facebook.

  4. Oh yeah! Facebook strikes again!!
    Funny though…..many claim to not have the FB.
    But deep inside away from your trendy lives and your imaginary internet persona… the end you are only lying to yourself!!!
    Admitting to ones self is the first step…be aware that the majority of so called leaders are the ones following all the trends and denying usage…….
    Take care of your selves and each other…….aahahaha!

    1. Had the FB and wiped it a year ago. Decided it was just for the wankers. IF I wanna know someone I’ll fucking call the cunt or visit them. None of this FB Bullshit. That’s just for fuckwits who wanna pretend their personality.

  5. There are so many long boring stretches of desert in Arizona. Driving that 1-10 West, it’s very tempting to get distracted.

    Guy probably should not have been a trucker if he couldn’t handle the boredom.

  6. What the fuck was the imbecile pig cop doing parked in the middle of the road? The dumb prick deserved to die. Why are we all protecting fuckwits? Road is for car. Not road is for not car or parking. Mathematics or fucking rocket science? The road is for moving vehicles. Very simple fucking equation.

  7. wow, never seen a video with as much evidence as this one relating to drivers using their phones when they’re not supposed to. what an idiot. shame he didn’t die right in the spot, would have just been much easier to deal without putting another person in prison. hence why i don’t have facebook. Future Days is right, it is depressing, looking at other people’s lives and for what?

  8. I cant help but notice that nobody here has thought that maybe, JUST MAYBE, the cop was in the road, (yes, with his lights off) to try to make passing motorists move over to the left lane. Because it is illegal to drive in the right lane when a cop is in the soft shoulder conducting business. either you slow down to around 50 miles an hour, or move over to the left hand lane.

    And as a fellow driver, this dickwad makes us all look like jackasses.
    Yes, the officer with his lights off should of had them on. But, if the assjack driving the truck wasnt mentally jerking off, NONE of this would have happened.

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