Trucks Rolls Over and Explodes, Incinerating the Trapped Driver

Trucks Rolls Over and Explodes, Incinerating the Trapped Driver

Truck driver died after his truck rolled over and exploded with the driver trapped inside the cabin. Hard to imagine any worse death than by being stuck in a claustrophobic place from which you can’t escape and the fire eats you away with ever growing intensity while there is nobody around to help.

The truck was reportedly carrying fuel, which would explain the explosion. That perhaps also means that the truck driver died quickly. As is obvious from what little remains could be found of the driver, the incinerating power his body was exposed to was massive.

Another report on the incident I read which had updated information mentioned that there were actually two people in the truck but there wasn’t much left of the second one.

The accident happened near the town of Itaueira, 344 km south of Teresina in Piauí, Brazil on February 19, 2013.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. I agree burning is pretty bad, but there is way worse.. Have you seen some of those pictures of the dead dudes with there own balls in there mouths.

      Not sure if it was cartels but still i would rather be burning to death then have my own balls in my mouth.

      Oh and Slow slicing (Lingchi) fuck that.

  1. Sorta funny whats left of him reminds me of the terminator in the last part of the chase scene burned up blown in half and still ticken and the beddy red eyed machine still tryin ta kill poor lil Sara Conner!

    1. Damn! I wanted to bad mouth both of you and say that you should keep away from the strong liquors. But then I saw it. Omg that is so creepy.

      I am sure it is the grim reper appearing as a chiwawa! Notice the glowing eyes.

  2. There are so many creepy deaths occurring in Brazil I’m beginning to feel pretty confident that the “Grim-Reaper” not only spends a lot of time there but I think he’s set up a permanent residents there!!!!

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