Two Adults and One Child Crushed to Death by Truck in Malaysia

Two Adults and One Child Crushed to Death by Truck in Malaysia

Earlier today, a couple of adults and a child rode their motorcycle into a truck and all three died crushed by it. The accident happened in Westport on Indah Island in Malaysia.

The CCTV video shows the victims entering traffic through a gap in a concrete barrier without checking if it was safe to go. Remains of both adults were found mangled on the road. The child was shredded to a point that no identifiable part of it could be found among the bloody blobs.

Props to Best Gore member @mR34_skyline for the video (he has previously hooked us up with the video of maggots coming out of a penis):

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  1. Maybe the driver didn’t apply the brakes properly and with the extra weight on the bike, just couldn’t stop because of it. I wonder why the guy in the back didn’t react like as if they were going to ride right under a huge semi. We hardly ever see these kind all caught on video.

  2. That’s the one thing that sucks about being a passenger…’re at the mercy of the one driving. It looks like the passenger looked back at the traffic and saw the truck fast approaching, but unfortunately he doesn’t have control of the brakes. I would’ve jumped off as soon as possible. At least try to survive. Man, destroyed them like common roadkill.

  3. This video is so frustrating to watch because there was no reason for anyone to die. The motorcycle was moving at jogging speed, the side of the highway on which they started at was completely empty, there was a barrier which they could have used to stop the bike if there had been some problem with the brakes; the sound of an approaching truck should have given them pause to stop and look both ways before proceeding.

    Good riddance, and thank you for retiring yourselves from the human gene pool!

    1. @Already gone, we have a by-pass through my town, it’s to keep big rigs off the main highway through town. We have some of the biggest trucks in the world on our roads, they are not supposed to drive in a convoy either, so as to not crush a car in-between 2 trucks. Actually it’s the trailers they tow which makes them massive and heavy.

          1. For sure. What was really scary, in another video they showed a gasoline tanker pulling four trailers. That would be some awesome gore if they ate it with people around and watch them swimming in 40,000 gallons of flaming terror. There was also two identical Road trains 160 ft. long carrying ore. It showed them passing each other and they were driving on the wrong side of the road! 😉

        1. @BTR, I know we laugh about women drivers, but these trucking companies really should be employing more women to drive these things! Women are statistically much less likely to roll/crash etc. one of these road trains. On the mine-sites ‘up north’ they have those massive dump trucks, you know the ones with the tires as tall as a man, anyway those mining companies prefer woman drivers because they are not as hard on the gears, turning etc. and the trucks have a better lifespan, with is great as they cost around a million $$ each!

    1. I don’t think so Cory because it looks like they bought a big bag of rice, and some other grains that you see spread out at the scene. Unless they thought it would help out with the suicide, but I doubt it.

    1. @Justine, I know right, do you think authorities picked up the thongs (flip-flops) from elsewhere and chucked them into the middle? or were the thongs just remarkably in the same area after the accident? The thongs didn’t spread as far as body parts.

  4. Tragic that a kid pays with it’s life for a adults total fuking stupidity… Only positive thing it was quick but what was the driver doing why get so close to the truck not like it was a busy road and you had to try and sneak it to the gap behing the truck to join the traffic he had acres of space .. Either bakes failed or very costly misjudgement ..

  5. Good Heavens …………how can someone be so fucking laid back and daydreaming out on the road & so goddamn fucking engrossed in their own world not to even hear out ominous sounds of such a monster moving alongside across some filmsy barrier ……just busy chattering and not realizing how serious that adult rider ought to have remained if not for him atleast for the sake of two of his pillion riders .
    Getting Mincedmeat can only be the aftermath is all too well known.

  6. The bodies on the road look so young? I thought that was the kid in the fore-ground of the main pic, then I thought it was the kid in the back-ground, but the kid wasn’t complete at all, I think the 2 older people were teens themselves?

    1. What we are seeing splattered down that road ofcourse are bodies of two young people who were plump enough to not get totally mowed down except for that kid whose traces seems to have been totally lost and you just can’t make out any of it not even the head or any telling signs where lies any of the piece of that kid’s body.
      Sad but so infuriating because such a young life got lost all because of the parents who hadn’t had any sense as to where they actually were except for the conversation the two were lost in seconds before the disaster .

    1. @BeMine*ImYours
      Your having said “what a waste just because of the stupidity of those adults”. is just about damn right and I’m in total agreement .
      How the fuck one could be so fucking misjudge mental not to know what’s so with the monstrously groan cruising along the looks of which is so scary that you wanna keep a mile long distance Jesus. and what’s with the divider had it been a concrete one ….all of them would have lived to see another sun.

  7. Seems like when he did his U-turn his vision was directed at an area behind that truck looking for other traffic…fucker simply did not see it or his brain filed it in the circular file before he comprehended it…seems impossible but that shit happens everyday.
    We’ve all had one of those it’s right in front of you and didn’t see it moments…for some those moments have a more lasting and tragic out come than shaking one’s own head and telling oneself “I can’t believe I missed that or didn’t see it.

  8. Do we have any semi truck drivers here? I’m about to start a career as one, and just wondering if any of you have had to deal with this type of incident before? There are a lot of great opportunities for truck drivers where I live, so many that getting the cdl and training is fast and affordable. But I’ve seen so many of these accident posts on Best Gore over the years, I decided to take a 5 month college course to get my training instead. I have an excellent driving record, but I want to make sure this type of shit is something I am never responsible for. We got a major traffic congestion/road rage issue with a lot of asian drivers to boot. Perhaps I dont know what I’m getting in to, but the pay and benefits are too good to pass up. Speaking of benefits, I might be able to afford a good therapist if some idiot like the one in this video pulls a stunt like that with me and my truck!?


    Malaysia drives on the left hand side of the road. The road is a dual carriageway with a central barrier. The other trucks in the left hand lane are driving on the correct (left) side. The truck in the collision was driving the wrong way down the dual carriageway. The dead bikers were probably only looking for traffic travelling in the correct direction. They weren’t expecting a big fucking truck to be driving the wrong way down a divided dual carriageway.

  10. At first i thought the fool on the back had time to jump off, as they’re not going fast at all, but that’s because we know the driver isn’t going to stop!
    The person on the back probably thought the driver will stop just as they turned into gap but the driver keeps going for some reason… it couldn’t be that he/she didn’t see/hear this big fucking truck!

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