Two Buses Clip Each Other in India, Leaving Behind Carnage on Road

Two Buses Clip Each Other in India, Leaving Behind Carnage on Road

Two Buses Clip Each Other in India, Leaving Behind Carnage on Road

A collision between a BRTC bus and a minibus on the Rangpur-Dinajpur Highway in India has left at least seven people dead, according to local reports. At least 18 other were injured.

The video of the aftermath appears to suggest the oncoming buses clipped each other, with the older one getting the whole side taken off, leaving behind carnage on the road.

Props to Best Gore member @punisher1911 for the video:

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  1. Holy fuck that was some good filming, as if it wasn’t the first time the person filming stumbled on hellish situation like this. Fine work indeed, if he keeps this up I’m sure he’ll get a job at some Bollywood movie studio and he no longer has to wear those motherfucking flippy flops.

      1. A new addition to the Bollywood movie studio directors. Also, he could now buy Gucci shoes and won’t need to buy flippy flops. Sounded pretty self explanatory to me… and please do us all a favour and learn how to fuckin’ spell. We don’t know what the fuk u r tawkeen abot.

          1. When I was a little kid,(1) you could buy dill pickles from an open barrel, and
            (2) faggots were in the closet.
            Now I have to put chicken wire around our 7’ x 7’ cucumber patch. Next year, I’ll electrify it!

          1. Was anybody else waiting for someone to flick a cigarette by that leaking fuel tank? would have been awesome. I wish Mexicans and Brazilians had the same types of phones with decent cameras that everyone in India seems to have now

          1. @xsookiex @mistermega88, it was a long fucking walk home but causing all that carnage made it worth my while… still pretty fuckin’ rude though of them, though.

            (BTW, I love it when Mark puts Carnage in the titles and/or descriptions. I grin every fuckin’ time)

      1. Meatwagon. Haha. They were haphazardly throwing people in there and I’m pretty sure a few were dead. I thought the guy with the messed up arm was dead until he turned over. They were carrying the guy with his leg hanging on by the hair of a knats chuff by the leg! Then threw him in there, I can imagine it falling off and some kid picking it up and eating it.

          1. Our society’s demise by Feminism is our “death by pussy”
            Others which we proclaim ourselves smarter than have at least retained some natural wisdom to keep their societies going.
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            Others in other parts of the world who refuse to challenge the order of nature are seen by us as scums. Let’s wait and see how pleasant our own demise will be @xavior99

          1. Hmmm… yes, yes, yes, makes perfect sense. Those sneaky, bloodthirsty basturds must be using camelflage. I’ll bet this happened on hump day, as well.

    1. @quetzalcoatle

      I’m thinking that the biker cut in front of one bus, the driver actually tried to avoid hitting him/her (not that it worked), and it put that bus on a collision course with the second bus. Sadly, the only decent driver in India is now going to ‘kick a train’ because some asshat was in a hurry.

          1. @icecreamlair
            Ok, now that we’re on the same page, you’re gonna need a lemon zester, a frothing vag flap and your brothers dope.
            Try not to scrape off any ‘roids. Could result in ‘tainted’ dope. Ha. Good luck.

    1. Are you talking about @ 1:14? I was wondering if that was gasoline… but the thought never occurred to me that someone might bottle it. That’s a good idea. I guess I was too busy hoping someone might toss a lit match instead.

  2. The image of the child crying over his dead mother is probably one of the worst I’ve seen here. I do not feel anything when i see the Mexicans and Brazilians killing each other with a machete for a handful of drugs …but children …that’s something different.
    Childrens should never appear in videos like this one. It is very hard to see a child suffering or dying. It does not matter if he’s white or black or yellow. 🙁

        1. This is Bangladesh, not India. Mark has been remiss in his duty regarding the country of origin. OK, I can appreciate his Canadianism, but damn it, buddy, can’t you recognize a cow muncher? He has to be banging a Samoan and can’t see past her ass!

          1. lol!!, @happy does his part like most of the investigative journalist would do, he had some trouble with the moron authority who thinks the same ‘Mark has been remiss in his duty’, Mark do recognizes his site members regarding to the country of origin.

    1. “Hello, camel rental place? I rented a two hump camel from you about an hour ago and now my camel just died on the highway”.
      “Sir did you fill it with gasoline”?
      “Yes I did”.
      “There’s your problem”.

  3. so at the 4min 35sec mark, they half load one of the already mangled victims into the back of, what is effectively a pram stuck to the back of a car, legs dangling out….

    I’ve got a feeling this won’t be the last video in this series!

  4. 3 Irishmen being asked how would they want to die?
    1st Irishman: Well I’d like it to be on the job with a beautiful 18 years old Swedish girl riding my pole.
    2nd Irishman: I’d like my time to come after I had enjoyed a succulent Steak meal, fine Brandy and and the finest Columbian cigar.
    3rd Irishman: Well I think I would like to die peacefully and quietly like my father….not screaming and crying like his passengers.

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