Two Die Colliding Their Motorcycle with Bus in Agrestina, Brazil

Two Die Colliding Their Motorcycle with Bus in Agrestina, Brazil

Two men on a motorcycle crashed into a bus while riding up BR-104 highway near Agrestina, Brazil. The duo was en route to Joaquim Nabuco having set off from Caruaru where they had a few drinks. In brief, what we have here are Brazil, a motorcycle, drunk riding and baseball hats in place of proper safety helmets. Add to it a Da Silva which most certainly was the case and you have a complete story of a disaster.

The bus was full of students from the collage in Agreste. Even though the accident was not his fault, the bus driver fled the scene for fear of his life after noticing that both dudes on the motorcycle died colliding with the bus he drove.

The man at the wheel of the motorcycle was identified as José Marcelo Evaristo da Silva. His passenger did not have any Ids on person so his identity was not known at the time of the report and I’m not gonna dig around trying to find it. One Da Silva’s enough.

Props to drccoco for the pics:

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    I don’t know if that sounds stupid, but the guy in the white got the worst of it, That’s for sure!

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  2. About the Da Silvas…. actually the most common family names in Brazil are Silva and Costa. Silva means forest, and it’s usually the surname of those who descended from tribes found in areas far away from the coast. Costa means coast, and it’s usually the surname of those descended from those who lived near the coast. Well they sort of migrated and intermarried so these surnames have been jumbled all over Brazil. “Da” means of, so for example Jos? Marcelo Evaristo da Silva (sorry for using his name) means “Jose Marcelo Evaristo of the forest.” WELL JUST FOR AN EXAMPLE! LOL. And in Portuguese naming conventions, it’s like GIVEN NAME-MIDDLE NAME-FAMILY NAME 🙂 Just sharing

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