Two Killed, One Injured as Bikes Collide Head-on in Kathmandu, Nepal

Two Killed, One Injured as Bikes Collide Head-on in Kathmandu, Nepal

Two Killed, One Injured as Bikes Collide Head-on in Kathmandu, Nepal

Two persons were killed and one injured as three motorcycles collided head-on at Tokha Municipality-2 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The video is a compilation of the POV of the crash, the CCTV footage and the aftermath. Whereas I understand they drive on the left in Nepal, from the CCTV camera footage it looks to me as though the speeding bikers from the POV video are at fault, as they invaded the other lane.

Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the video:

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38 thoughts on “Two Killed, One Injured as Bikes Collide Head-on in Kathmandu, Nepal”

  1. They both got their stupid reward for being reckless drivers, wanna speed in a slump city than by all means just don’t expect death not be roaming around when it hits you head on.

  2. 0:26

    the guy bike was already on fire before he hit front the other one.

    WTF ??? look like the bike engine burn and explode before the fatal front hit…

    the bike standing after impact is because it was moving slow and in addition, they are no real impact, the other bike just litteraly exploded when just next to the slow one.

  3. Nepal. A true shithole country. I was born there but my parents were very smart to immigrate to much developed India. It’s like in the West, people in Mexico try to escape to the US but not everyone is successful. My parents were. Today many of my friends and former collegemates live in Australia, and the US. Heck one of my buddies is a software engineer in Silicon Valley California.

      1. A little bit but not absolutely. The city where i live in much developed than the rest of India. We have all modern amenities to enjoy. Recently, i got treated in the second biggest and sophisticated hospital in all of india. It was less like a hospital and more like a 7 star hotel. All automatic beds, robotic machines. Most of all, i love the freedom, the respect and possibilities, the Indian democratic constitution gives us. BUT of course settling permanently in the US would be a dream come true. But given the levels of Racism, Hate crimes, Gun Violence and Mass murders in the US that we see in the news everyday, I don’t think i would be that willing to abandon the safety and comfort my nation gives to me and my family.

        1. Racism is a construct used by the Left, Globalists, elitists, etc.
          There is no such thing as a hate crime.
          It’s more accurate to say that there are cultural conflicts.
          Crime and poverty are cultures. Stupidity, willful ignorance, laziness and entitlement are cultures.
          America is truly the land of opportunity. We don’t need leeches misusing opportunity and no one is entitled to the product of other people’s labor without compensation.
          People risk their lives to come to the US. Not too many people are trying to smuggle into Iran or North Korea for shits and giggles.
          Yes, India has developed areas and they are large and modern.
          The population, however, is staggering. Statistically, India is going to have the most of a lot of everything. Any percentage of 1.3 billion is a lot.

          1. If Racism in America is just a “construct” by the Left, then how will you explain the recent murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Cop and the latest Amy Cooper aka “Karen” frantically calling Cops on a black guy? You don’t have to hide. Racism, my friend is deeply entrenched in American society.

          1. I truly can’t tell because i travel by plane. Domestic flights are very cheap in India. For example a flight from one city to a nearby city costs as little as 30 USD, possibly even less if booked earlier. Can you imagine that?

          2. Thanks Mr. Lama, we used to get great deals on plane fares some years back but those days are long gone. Hopefully the airlines survive or we may be traveling by train ourselves

        2. The murder of George Flloyd may or may not have been racist.
          It was a 2nd-degree murder (manslaughter).
          The cop and the bystanding officers appeared to have a callous disregard for human life.
          A man loses his life over having been reported as attempting to pass a counterfeit piece of money.
          I never check the money in my wallet to see if it’s legit so that could happen to anyone.
          If the cop has a history of “racist” behavior then, okay.
          On face value, it’s a murder of another human being.
          Don’t let the media, social media and organizations manipulate your views. Use objective reasoning and seek multiple sources for information. Also, look at what the opposition is saying. There is usually some merit in it but it’s mixed with deception and groupthink.

          1. Roger that. Maybe i shouldn’t have come to a quick conclusion about the society being racist. As you said, individual behaviours may vary but that shouldn’t be a measuring stick for every other person.

      2. MrLama – american i’m assuming lol. U think u live in paradise simply because u know nothing of the rest of the world. After China surpasses U.S. as a superpower, India will surpass china.
        Oh the wars are going to be heavenly to behold..

        1. China’s economy has come to a screeching halt after the coronavirus pandemic, due to foreign companies moving their manufacturing out of china. I highly doubt now that China will ever surpass the mighty US as an economic superpower. And rightly so because a Communist superpower is a bad bad news for the world. Do you know that most chinese are athiests and don’t believe in any God nor do they have faith in any established system of beliefs? And to add insult to injury, the CCP has a brutal history and an ongoing practice of brutally persecuting religious minorities including Christians and others.

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