Two Drunk Russian Women on Scooter Hit Boom Gate Twice

Two Drunk Russian Women on Scooter Hit Boom Gate Twice

In Russia, two devushky got drunk out of their minds and went for a scooter ride together. They took a turn that lead them to a factory, where they drove straight through the lowered boom gate. While on the factory’s ground, they realized that this road doesn’t lead anywhere, so they did a full 180, and drove back, ramming the same boom gate from the opposite side. But this time, instead of bending and giving way, the arm knocked them both off the bike and broke in the middle.

The girls reportedly told the police that they didn’t notice the barrier in both directions. Pure comedy watching the CCTV footage, though I can appreciate that the guy on the ground was pretty pissed off with the the snot nosed drunk bitches.

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  1. This video reminds me of a couple of years ago on my birthday(which is today) I got drunk and proceeded to start chopping wood(why?… I don’t know)… I woke up the next morning on top of the woodpile… (*_*)

    1. My birthday today too. I remember getting really shit faced and pulled all my neighbors weeds. I was awoken the next morning by the police wondering if I know why there was so much “vegitation” on the highway (directly behind the house)… of course I denied everything.

          1. “…the safest course is to do nothing against one’s conscience. With this secret, we can enjoy life and have no fear from death.” – Voltaire

  2. That’s what one needs do with the drunken whores

    That’s what one needs do with the drunken whores

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      1. Russian birds are hard to beat, one only need look at their tennis players to see that. Well, apart from Kuznetzova, she lets the side down a touch.

        At least one of these two must be fit for her back doors smashing in. 😛

  3. Love it.
    1:17 those 2 blokes are going to help pick up the bike, but spotting one drunk bird being taken away, they quickly exit right behind her. Let’s hope some damn good raping was done. Ched Evans would be envious.

  4. Only thing that would of topped it off, is them landing in the water on the second impact. Not sure they deserved pushing around by the bloke though lol, they were probably pretty sore after coming off anyway.

    I’ve had a think about it and I have changed my mind. They definitely did deserve pushing around… And maybe a couple of tit grabs and head kicks for good measure. What could of been! Such a shame.

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