Two Dumb Asses on Four Wheeler Hit Truck

Two Dumb Asses on Four Wheeler Hit Truck

Here’s something good for a laugh. Two dumb asses (probably drunk) on one of those four wheelers or ATV’s or whatever the fuck, showing off by riding it on just the back wheels and somehow they both manage to miss the huge truck in front of them. Of course, when you’re acting like a douche, bad things are bound to happen so they crash right into the back of it. Driver had to have broken his face. Personally, I hope they are both dead, make room for people with functioning cerebellums.

Props to MrsPink.

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    1. Out of all the videos here on BG , beheadings , attention seeking cunts jumping off bridges , gunshot suicides , Brazilian sandal wearers biting it in the street , my favourites have to be the ones where smart-arse dickheads make a show of themselves by trying to convince the world they haven’t got a little dick .
      I don’t want this guy to be dead , I want him to have caved his entire face in and be in agony , and his friend ?
      I hope his cock is still stuck up the drivers arse .

        1. if life frowns at you, frown back. when life smiles at you, smile back. when life is scary, you accept that as a challenge and proceed to be far scarier than life ever expected you to be

      1. I cant help but feel a little bad for these two stuntmen., how a little fun can turn tragic in an instant., they should’ve stayed home and watched a movie.., ‘Sudden Impact’..?

  1. Would love to have seen the aftermath of this one!!! I watched UNTOLD STORIES OF THE E.R. last night, it had a guy on there with a pole right through his face,so I can only imagine what these pair of clowns finished up like.

      1. @Obli, ha ha yes I finally revealed myself. Actually I am shocked by all the compliments I have been getting. ;-). You are doing a wonderful job, keep it up. It’s about time you revealed your true self too πŸ™‚

  2. I see plenty of those machines on a daily basis and quite often wish for the rider to be taught a lesson. Not saying I’d like to see them smash into the back of a truck, but a decent mishap wouldn’t go amiss.

      1. God isn’t real.,everyone isn’t born on equal footing and You don’t just make your own decisions,…the way a person behaves is 100x due to both their environment and genetics. People need to wake up and understand this type of stuff instead of continuously perpetuating the God myth.

  3. Appaling to see the comment of people wishing death, pain, enjoying misery and thinking they are superior or smartest because theyare used to see gore on vids. See death, gore and pain in real life, then we will see if you have more of a man or a robot.

    1. Lol another one who know it all,how do you know we haven’t? I saw my uncle die when I was just a little girl I even managed to get close to his corpse just like the sliding head posted recently,oh the blood,the bones,that silence but the thing I can’t forget is that smell,blood,fresh meat,intestines all mixed up it’s a indescriptible smell πŸ˜€

        1. then you shouldn’t be assuming things, I’m not wishing it,I’m just laughing at it,we’re going to die some day anyways if you can’t handle it you should click the puppy πŸ˜€

  4. I can picture them saying “Are we famous yet?!” Then splat. The driver shits all over his backseat friend. Always remember to have your own 4 wheeler to avoid this. That is the moral of this vid. Gotta love Mrs.Pinks vids thanks btw Mrs.Pink πŸ˜€ always contributing like a pro.

  5. well that was some serious crash there.
    the wheelie looks so much fun, 4wheelers are very nice machines capable to go almost any terrain with ease.

    haters wishing suffering and death just show how much hate are in their minds, dangerous and unbalanced individuals seems common here. Great site anyway, some good comments too.

  6. they are from egypt this happend in (Al Ahram’s Garden) near the pyramids
    they are not drunk but this street is unsafe and the trucks stop without warnings
    i don’t know what happend to them

  7. Looks like the first guy reshaped his neck to match that of the trailer bed. And I’m betting the second guys head bounced off the guys head in front of him as a croquet ball bounces of another croquet ball.

  8. Hope if they did die their deaths were slow and painful with tears in their eyes. If your mindset is that it is fine to disrupt the peace of a place by stunting on a noisy-ass machine just for a video, you get what you deserve.

  9. The guy on the back must have had a less dramatic impact as the guy on the front would have taken most of the force, and acted as a cushion, probably the most useful thing that idiot has done in his entire life.

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