Two Female Drivers, One Driveway

Two Female Drivers, One Driveway

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of two female drivers meeting in the same driveway? Yeah…

What makes this video special is not that two female drivers met in the same driveway, but that they were both teenagers, and they were twin sisters in their family’s home driveway.

The one about to leave the driveway floored it while reversing without looking if it was safe to go, and hit her sister’s car who had her dashcam rolling. If that was a child who stood 10 yards down the driveway, that privileged pair of labia in the Nissan would have leveled him and blamed him for fucking up her drive.

Her saying: “You hit me!” after she hit her sister was priceless.

BTW, anyone else paid attention to the irritating tone of voice the women have? That type of squealing and pitching is predominant among women from North America, but can also be encountered in the UK and Australia. I traveled a lot around the world, and noticed that women don’t squeal like rabid opossums anywhere else.

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111 thoughts on “Two Female Drivers, One Driveway”

  1. Two female drivers in one place, at the same time, spells recipe for disaster!
    And the first thing that the dummy who hit the other dumb-ass said was “YOU HIT ME” not, sorry, are you ok??? Selfish Cunt.
    Fucking Bitches put the blame on one another! Disgraceful Lying Bitch she is!!!

      1. That ACTUALLY HAPPENED to my husband and I in the street with some dimwit on father’s day. We parked behind a car with plenty of space. Twenty seconds later the car in front backs up into us, he gets out and accuses my husband of hittin him and pointing out to imaginary damage on his bumper. He was one of those hispanics who barely know how to say hello acting like he doesn’t speak spanish even though my husband spoke spanish to him, all like “you bomp mi here”, gets in his car and pretends to call the cops. A cop passed by and my husband flags him down. Cop checks the cars, the “bomp” on the guy’s car, says enjoy your father’s day and pats my husband on the shoulder and goes on his way. Guy shamefuly gets In his car and cringed at the parting spanish words my husband gave him.

    1. It is sad @thedre, a sad reflection of the breakdown of cohesive society. The bitch driver personifies the me me me attitude that’s so prevalent nowadays. All that matters to her, is her, that’s it, end of.
      And, this is also reflective of a point you made a few days ago, regarding young people and their phone obsession.
      Between her phone and her car, I’m guessing nothing much exists to her, she is lost in her own pathetic, plastic existence. Add to this, her huge fucking gob, bleating out cacophonous bile, and we have one very sad individual indeed.
      And yes, this can be deduced from this footage alone.

    1. Houses and trees look American to me. That back driveway is big enough; why didn’t she spin around and go out nose first? Easier to pull out onto the street that way. Mark’s synopsis sounded like a made for TV movie. Bring out the popcorn!

      1. Well Mr smallpenis be careful of rich man’s wify, cause you never know which one owes and knows how to use a machete….
        If one thing this site should teach people in general is to not mess with another man’s wife…certainly not the Mexican’s wife or the Indonesian’s you have a better chance at the Chinese married woman. You’ll only get slapped if caught by the husband….

    1. “Got to see this happen in real life.
      A dumb broad backed out with out looking.
      Lo and behold in a drive way too.
      And I feel you there it makes me sick.
      Careless drivers make me fuckin sick.
      And this texting while driving shit.
      I hate pieces of shit who do that.
      That shit is like drinking while driving!
      A beheading for all who do that.
      Those who would drink or text while driving.”

  2. Dumb fucking bitch.A woman once reversed into me like that on a supermarket car park.She must have been on her period or something because she got out of her car screaming like she had a broom up her cunt.She came right up to my face screaming that she had a child in the car blah blah blah and proceeded to try and punch me.My wife got out of our car and laid the fat sack of shit straight out.

  3. It sucks to have someone not paying attention. This reminds me of college when a MALE professor slammed into my car in almost the exact manner. He was backing out while I was giving signal to turn in. I was waiting but he floored it and reversed and even cut the tires so he hit me even though I was perpendicular to the driveway. Since he had a heavy Mercedes, it quite a bit on damage to my car.

  4. and ever increasingly, week by week even, the gender divide gathers weight like a snowball tumbling down a huge cliff. and the pendulum will now start to swing back the opposite way from the liberal ideologys that have poisoned societys ever since feminism began to erode civilizations across western worlds. every movement has its ‘buzz’ time, its ‘freshness’ and ‘hipness’. but the truth and the universal laws of nature will always bring the real cream to the surface. we had the negro gangster buzz era of the 90’s and early 2000’s until societys looked at detroit and london and other groid-destroyed areas and saw through the ‘fabricated MTV buzz’. it will be the same with feminism and squealing entitled bitches .. society will gradually learn (and men theirselves more than anyone) that they have put the wrong people on the pedestal and have been tricked by forces that seek to control the masses through false indoctrination. fear not for the pendulum is swinging already and the politically correct decades we have pilfered through will be subject to change as with the natural flow of passing time and order will be restored.

        1. we will never see a team of females constructing an aston martin. yet we have received zero respect or acknowledgment for anything we have built or provided, on the contrary we have female companions that would rather lay with chimpoids because MTV tells them its ‘cool’. dont you understand why we feel betrayed. and yet our civilizations we have built are still slowly being destroyed by feminism and 3rd worlders.

          1. Everytime I see a Mexican or Latina bitch thats going out with a Niger, I’m like you fucking little bitch how dare you betray your race in such a way, you must like being treated like a hoe’ you bring shame and disgrace to your own race. Then to top it off I go like, and don’t forget bitch, “Once you go black we can’t take you back”
            And just to be clear I’m not racist at all, far from that. And being African American doesn’t necessarily makes you a Niger in my books….
            But being uneducated, guetto, uncivilized, rioter, say niga too much, and get offended if someone other than blacks say niga, and you click with too many nigers and are on welfare and only have funds every first of the month, that to me is a real niger. A niger is the real racist….
            And like I said I associate with 1 or 2 at most black dudes but they don’t behave like nigers and are actually more like us real people. Who can work shit out without bringing the race card to the table. I actually have lots of respect for one of this black dudes…
            Not that this has anything to do with this video but I read the comment above and the term “groid-destroyed” brought my comment to surface.. if it means what I thought it meant….

    1. @gnat But for real, think how much it would suck if women couldn’t drive? You get home from work ready to chill – gotta take wife to grocery store. She has doctor’s appointment? You gotta take her. You’re chilling watching a movie or online – want some beer, soda, cigs, a burger – whatever it might be, you can’t send her, lol. Dudes would get worn out having to drive everywhere. And not having somebody just to send to the store for some small item.

      1. That’s why it’s great to have my youngest son still at home so he can do all that shit… 😛

        But seriously… my old lady has wrecked 8 different cars since I’ve known her…
        So I’m glad to do the driving… less expensive that way…

        1. Wow that’s crazy. My husband is a shitty driver and he knows it. I didn’t wanna make him look bad but he actually did that driveway move right there to me, lol. My car was parked over in a little side parking spot, he backed right into it rather than straight out the driveway lol. And didn’t tell me lol. I thought someone at work hit my car and went ballistic.

          1. That’s why my father taught me how to drive a tractor at the ripe old age of 7 and I’m thankful for that…
            I practiced what he preached and did the same thing with my children…
            None of my 3 sons has a wreck that was their fault on their driving record… yet…

            But my 16 year old daughter has yet to drive in public…

            *takes a long swig of bourbon*

          2. @gnat I was born and raised in down South so you know I learned how to drive early. Lol Redneck kids. I could drive good enough to get like to the hospital in an emergency when I was maybe 11. But I didn’t drive on the highway. I could drive a stick at about 14. I got my drivers permit at 14 – that’s why redneck states are cool; you can get a permit at 14 and driver’s license at 15. My husband can’t drive because he was born in NYC. Never needed a car. Got his license at 19.

          1. That’s what we do around here, we get in groups walk to town or ride bikes. I live in a rural farming area. Lots of Amish, life’s a little different here. Not much tho.we all have cars also mind you, more of a social choice, lots of car pooling too. Also, soda is terrible for you.

  5. First off, someone rape these filthy rich sluts and then throw away their keys and throw them onto the fucking street. Second, i don’t know which driver is stupider! It starts out with the one privileged cunt behind the wheel singing. Really annoying stupid bitch! They’re obviously millionaires to be in that neighbourhood. The second daddy’s girl bitch who backs up the way she did must be on crack or meth. She didn’t even stop the fucking vehicle instantly upon impact!!!!! She kept driving like a bat out of hell like nothing happened. You got to wonder if this was DELIBERATE or perhaps at least half deliberately if she comes out immediately saying “YOU HIT ME”… yet she didn’t look behind her at any time and fucking floor it in reverse instead of proceeding slowly and cautiously… especially suspicious how she didn’t stop driving after she crashed. This bitch better have her license revoked from daddy’s car and be on lockdown without alcohol or sex. I want to see this privileged bitch beaten so bad and i have a feeling I’m not alone on here!

    1. @facetiousfairy Millionaires? lol That’s an upper middle-class neighborhood. That’s just a common looking neighborhood. Are you really that mad? Maybe you’re joking. Because that comment is just seething over a fucking “crash.” You’re so invested in it that it’s funny. You’re saying people should be raped and she should be on lockdown. She didn’t cause a 10-car pileup while totally drunk. Dude, she backed into someone, in her own driveway, no airbags deployed. Was either vehicle yours? You need to calm down. Ugh psychos are so annoying.

  6. Fuck that bitch reversing reminded me of my fine ass neighbor one time a friend of mine came over and parked his car with no more than 1 foot and a half blocking my neighbor’s driveway, and my neighbor, she’s short and has an attitude somewhat like most woman and jumps on her car hits reverse and just like this video she slammed into my friends car, I mean jumps in her car, puts it on reverse and goes for it without checking rearview mirror, then she gets out and starts to complain why the hell we were blocking her driveway, to me I just started laughing cause she looked funny af just going off because her driveway was blocked by my friend’s car’s front bumper….
    This chick has gotten into two accidents within 4 yrs first car was totalled, second one was repaired.
    Last time bout a few months ago, she left her bumper cover on the ground as she was backing up and this time it was my other neighbor’s fault because he parked his trailer somewhat diagonally, so they’re having a dispute over it my other neighbor is a man 50yrs old and im just watching him argue with my other young neighbor and in my head I’m like, fuck man I know it was her fault but you don’t descend to a woman’s level like that and argue with them, woman should get “the pussy pass” most times, only when it seems that they are taking advantage of that pussy pass they should be refused. But other than that I dont mind helping woman out in whatever they need, like putting air in their tires at gas stations, changing a flat tire on the road or whatever they need, I like to feel useful when it comes to woman, specially the beautiful ones.
    If they’re nice too I dont always give out pussy passes but most of the times I do, and I don’t mind,
    When both my neighbors were arguing I just picked up her bumper and put it back in place. She ended up giving me $10 which I refused but she said that I give her too many “pussy passes” and that she didn’t want me to think that because she’s single and shes a girl that she didn’t have to pay for services she needed.
    So I ended up taking those $10 but just because it would make her feel more comfortable. .

      1. Sounds like you got offended, because I use the term “pussy pass” thats what evryone calls “female privilege” on this site ¿¿no??
        I dont see the need to get offended but thats on you…

        Now where have I heard this is a man’s world! Where,?? I wonder if that means what most comments in this posting talk about.

  7. Holy fuck hahah someone saw this and thought, “oh shit @happy will get a kick out of this” I can’t argue though, a lot of times I drive like a bat out of hell. I just like to speed and listen to some Whitechapel ugh it gets me so hot. Anyway lol the title is really funny too. 2 girls 1 driveway? can they really fill the whole driveway and then eat all of it?! probably not those pretty little bitches.. I wish my house was that big, fuck I’d probably never leave! Hahahaha.

    1. Haha @dethbyplaster ive never noticed that before. Usually if I’m talking negatively about women, I use female too. I generally don’t get along with “females” all they do is talk crape about me. Thats why I hang out with guys more…. but then that gives them more to talk about because well that just makes me a big fat whore.. I’m like what the hell do you want from me. I’m definitely not going to want to have anything to do with “females” when they are just so cruel and JUDGEMENTAL! Plus they do give the word fake a whole new meaning. Alot of them anyway, I guess I just sick at making new friends or something. And to be completely honest other girls intemidate me so nowadays I don’t even try.

      1. Uggh sorry for the typeos, I meant I suck at making new friends.. I’m using this really crappy kindle fire because I broke up with my bf and he took our phone with him.. this thing is soo slow!! I bought the phone, I dont see why he thinks he can take it.. doesn’t he know I have things to do on BG ..

  8. Stupid cunt…
    If (and it’s a big IF) someone is fucking that mongoloid, don’t waste your ‘ballbabies’ on that thing…what’s the worst that could happen you say??? It could get pregnant…if this thing breeds, we’re all doomed

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